Don Driscoll, S.J.

Theology Department and
Chaplain, Pharmacy and Allied Health

Our beloved brother, Fr. Don Driscoll, S.J. died in March, 2007. He is missed every day.

More about me:

Before coming to Creighton in 1986, I spent more than 20 years at Marquette High School in Milwaukee.  During my years in Milwaukee, I also worked with the Catholic Physicians Guild as chaplain and moderator and I was on the commission on Religious Education for the Jesuit Secondary Education Association.

In addition to my work at Creighton, I give retreats all over the country for lay women and men and various mixed groups.  

I am interested in reading, I love music and during my Marquette High years, I loved performing in faculty shows.

Writing these reflections:

I find it exhilarating to write these reflections. I'm so touched by what I read and by the responses that I get.  I think having the opportunity to touch hearts and souls through this medium is pure gift.
It's a privilege and it's for all of us as we share in the priesthood of Christ.  I'm touched by the way things I say resonate the same way with other people from around the world and I realize I'm not alone.