Daily Reflection
October 16th, 2007

Beth Furlong

School of Nursing
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The Psalm line leaps out to me - “The heavens proclaim the glory of God.” Yes! The glory! I see it all around me – first, in the beautiful Fall days. I see the bountiful flower harvest of the summer on our porch – flower holders that line our front porch overflowing with multi-colored impatiens, an array of bustling green plants and foliage on other porch plant holders, and, a towering grass near our driveway that undulates in the wind.

The glory of the above natural world is only outdone by the creatures in the backyard, i.e., Sammy our favorite squirrel and his three squirrel cohorts. What fun they have daily - chasing after each other on the ground, up the trees, across electrical power lines, and their drum-drum feet on the sunroom’s roof! Yes! The glory of God is quite visual in our backyard.

And, the glory continues in all the relationships I have – with family, with friends, with colleagues, with students, with neighbors, and the list goes on. What glory is shining and reflected in each one! I sometimes sit at Sunday Mass at Holy Family church and reflect on my “spiritual family members” in that community – and, marvel at all the gifts they have – and, that I can take and learn from them. And, I do this reflection in knowing the obstacles and challenges they have had to meet in their lives. Yes! The glory of God is quite visual in that church community.

The glory is present in the uniqueness of each of our six grandchildren. We spent the weekend with them and I marvel at each of their unique gifts. For Zara, age 8, we witnessed her acquiring the skill this weekend of her first time riding a bike. For Adam, age 14, the glory of watching he and his grandfather, Bob, go to the wetlands, collect water samples, and bring them back to be analyzed under the microscope together. The glory is shining in Nate as he masters the game of Frisbee with our fun large orange Frisbee. Zach, the 12 year old gymnast, has me in awe as he demonstrates his daily multiple abdominal crunches and other exercises. Allison, the youngest, is dynamic and totally full of energy. Matt, the third boy, excels in his weekend team football game with his interception. The Glory of God is manifested quite visually in these wonderful grandchildren.

Fall 2007 – how do you see the Glory of God reflected in your life?
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