Daily Reflection
December 7th, 2007

Joan Lanahan

SPAHP, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy
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Yahweh, why is it taking so long?
You promised us new life, peace, healing.
You promised your people since before Isaiah, your healing,

“the deaf shall hear; the blind shall see;
The lowly will ever find joy in you and the
Poor rejoice in the Holy One of Israel”       (Is. 29:18-19)

The roar of war is so loud that even the
    Deaf hear its engines in hot spots
    And government halls around the world.

Devastations of nature’s wrath that lie in streets, cities, villages, from
Katrina’s Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi to Bangladesh’s typhoon,
    The blind don’t have to see to hear the people’s
    Cries of pain, frustration and grief.

Our world’s poor aren’t rejoicing in the shallowness of government promises
Of relief; in corporate greed, in corruption. Those who have get richer while
Those who have little get poorer.
When, Lord?
How, Lord?

Aha, you sound sunk in despair. Look for hope and courage and beauty.
My daughters and sons, my love for you, for your ancestors and your
Descendants is not only felt in warm hugs and laughter,
In work’s raises and promotions,
In times of peace and prosperity.

Look for my Presence in the Struggle.
Awaken. Reflect. Become Aware. Act.
Where you find violence, work for Peace;
Greed and corruption, work for Justice;
Nature’s wrath, reach out and help.
Though nature will have its way,
Human nature can stand for love and kindness and truth and justice and peace.

“See the work of my hands in your midst.”       (Is.29:23)

Announce the Good.
Where are “those who are strong enough to
Provide future generations with reasons for
Living and hoping”?
(Documents of Vatican II    The Church Today, No. 31)

They are among you. I speak through the Isaiah of 2007, Today.
Find my Beloved who work to relieve the angst of the poor.
Support them.
Join them.

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