Brigid Quinn Laquer
I have been at Creighton since January 1999.  I currently work in the molecular genetics laboratory.
More about me:

My undergraduate degree is in Medical Technology.  I received a Master's in Immunology from UNMC in 1990; and completed a Master’s in Theology at Creighton in May of 2005.

I have a devoted husband and four children.  I find it very rewarding to guide and nurture my children as they move into young adulthood and discover their unique individualism. 

I used to enjoy sewing, cooking and gardening (and I still do, but on a much smaller scale than before I was working full-time.) Now I really enjoy doing things with my family when I have time off, even if it is just being at home together.


Writing these reflections:

Since I have been at Creighton, I have been very impressed with the Collaborative Ministry Office and I have taken advantage of many of the offerings they have to enhance one's spiritual growth. 

This opportunity to share my reflections allows me to give something back to the community, and to deepen my own personal growth in a very new and different way.


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