Isabelle Cherney

Director of the Honors Program

I have been at Creighton since 2000.

More about me:

I am native of Switzerland and moved to the United States in 1989 with my husband Michael (Professor of Physics at Creighton) and my two young sons. Both are now in College (Marquette and Olin Engineering College). I speak 5 languages and enjoy returning to Geneva during the summers to see my family and friends, and to enjoy its nature.

I graduated from Creighton in 1996 and got my Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska in 2001. I love teaching, doing research with undergraduate students, and be of service to others.

Writing these reflections:

I am very humbled by the opportunity to share my reflections with so many people and to further explore my spirituality. I am looking forward to embarking on this journey and I am excited about sharing in this ministry.

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