Daily Reflection
January 30th, 2008

Joan Lanahan

SPAHP/Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy
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“Yahweh will make you great;
Yahweh will make YOU a house”

is fulfilled with us and will continue with our children’s children. God lives WITHIN our hearts of goodness, peace and justice. Again, in Ps 89, God promises his covenant with us forever:

“I will keep my love for him/her always;
my covenant with him shall stand.”

Aha, but then we hear today Mark’s story of the seed. The seed is God’s word in our hearts. When we are still before God, take time to listen to God leading us, God’s word can fall on rich soil. God’s word of “loving another, choosing the good, reconciling with one we have hurt, listening to one who is hurting, accepting responsibility for our actions” has sunk deeply into our spirit and yielded life and fruit.

There are times though that fear or laziness stops us from reconciling. We can blame others so easily rather than be responsible for ourselves. It’s so tempting to be too busy to listen to others. It’s easier to be wrapped up in ourselves and the important tasks we must perform rather than listening to someone who needs a compassionate heart.

“Change” is the political word of the times. I believe it is true. We do need a new course of action in American politics. We need a new American face and a new American heart in the world.

I also need a new heart each day. I need to remember that I carry God tenderly in my daily meetings and greetings with others. “Business as usual” could be God’s word of love that hasn’t taken root. Maybe it is not enough for the next person I meet today. Maybe s/he needs more loving kindness than business or busyness. Is this true for you too?

When we think of God’s covenant with us we can remember Yahweh’s promise to David:

“I will be a father to him and he a son to me.
If he does evil
     (or the word that does not take root…of Mark)
I will punish him…Yet I will not withdraw my favor from him”

Yahweh promised unconditional love and consistent forgiveness.

Change, yes. Dig deeper daily into our hearts. Help love sprout. Know God’s seed can root and sprout over and over and over again. God’s favor is always with us, within us.

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