Daily Reflection
April 19th, 2008

Tamora Whitney

English Department
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Why doesn’t anyone listen? It seems to me a lot of problems are caused by poor communications. I think the people on my soap opera wouldn’t have any problems at all if it weren’t for bad communication. We like to say it’s because people today are so busy and they don’t take time to listen, or people today are so selfish they don’t care about what others say. But apparently this is not a new problem rather one that’s been around a long time.

In the first reading today Paul tries to share the word of the Lord, but the Jews won’t listen. They threaten and contradict him. But instead of arguing and fighting back, Paul just goes on to give the good news to someone else. He says in effect to the Jews, if you don’t want to listen I can’t make you. If you don’t want salvation, we’ll give the good news to someone who will listen and who will appreciate it. The gentiles were delighted and glorified the word of the Lord.

But the problem wasn’t just with outsiders. In Jesus’ own ranks people didn’t always listen and didn’t always understand. Philip asks for some proof of the father, and Jesus seems perturbed. Haven’t you been listening, he seems to rebuke Philip. Jesus says that all his words are from the father, and anyone who hears Jesus hears the father. Jesus is the only proof they need. And if they’d been really listening, they’d know that.

People need to calm down and listen. Effective communication starts with serious listening. The Jews in Acts won’t listen; Jesus’ own disciple, Philip, doesn’t understand the Lord’s words. And I’m afraid things are no better today. We all need to really listen to hear the word of the Lord.

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