Daily Reflection
May 5th, 2008

Elizabeth Furlong

School of Nursing
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I write this on April 21, 2008 after spending five days in Bethesda, Maryland and Washington, D.C. and watching extensive television coverage of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States. When I read the First Reading of today, I think of the Pope’s visit. I make a parallel of Paul’s message with Pope Benedict’s message in one country (United States) at one point in time (April 2008) – just as Paul’s message was also within a certain context of place and time.

Paul assessed and spoke to the needs of the people at that place and time. I reflect on Pope Benedict XVI’s assessment of needs and his speaking to some of the needs of Catholics and others in this country at this time –
1) acknowledging the pain and suffering of those individuals sexually abused by clergy;
2) acknowledging the need of family togetherness of immigrants; and,
3) the promotion of ecumenism.

By parallel extension, I trust that all of us, imbued by the Holy Spirit (a theme of Paul’s message) and as living people of the faith, will follow Paul’s example – “and for three months debate boldly with persuasive arguments about the Kingdom of God.” Perhaps, our “debate” will be ‘behavioral debate’ in the way in which we live our lives. Perhaps, the living faith and the Holy Spirit will become alive to others because of our behaviors.

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