Daily Reflection
July 1st, 2008

Patrick Borchers

Academic Affairs
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The selfish side of me (which, when I’m being honest, I have to admit is a big side) wishes that I could have been with the disciples in today’s Gospel. What a blessing it must have been to see Jesus wake from his nap and save them by immediately calming the storm. The selfish side of me says: "Gee, how easy it could have been to have a deep faith if you got to see stuff like that happen."

The disciples, however, did not have it easy. They left their ordinary lives to follow a man whose divinity they did not comprehend until after his death, and even then somewhat imperfectly.

When I put the selfish side of me away, I realize that those of us in modern times also have the huge advantage of the significance of the Resurrection and Jesus’s divinity having been made clear to us through Scripture. Note the disciples’ confusion today, wondering again who Jesus really is. We don’t have to wonder; we know.

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