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November 22nd, 2008

Bob Berry

Department of Information Technology
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The concept of darkness versus light brings with it fear versus confidence. With darkness one can be overcome with obstacles which prevents us from seeing our way through. Our way becomes brighter with the light. Light removes or makes visible the obstacles in our daily life. With Jesus in our lives, our paths are made more clear.

In Rev 11:4-14, The olive-trees, or olive branches, (Zec 4:12,) appear in the vision of the prophet to have been connected with the ever-burning lamp, by golden pipes; and as the olive-tree produced the oil used by the ancients in their lamps, these trees are represented as furnishing a constant supply of oil through the golden pipes to the candlestick, and thus they become emblematic of the supply of grace to the church. John uses this emblem, not in the sense exactly in which it was employed by the prophet, but to denote that these two "witnesses," which might be compared with the two olive-trees, would be the means of supplying grace to the church.

In Psalms 144, David acknowledges the great goodness of God, and prays for help. He prays for the prosperity of his kingdom. God knows that this world is full of War and dangers that confront us on a daily basis, but he wants the best for us so he gives us the victory.

In Luke 20:27-40, it is common for those who design to undermine any truth of God, to load it with difficulties. But we wrong ourselves, and wrong the truth of Christ, when we form our notions of the world of spirits by this world of sense. We must believe that God is an all sufficient God, and is able to supply all of our needs.

Despite the obstacles of this life, God fills us with his spirit so that we may overcome and claim the victory promised to us as Christians, if we only believe.

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