Paul Mahowald, S.J.
Associate Pastor at St. John's Church
More about me:

I am one of the associate pastors at St. John’s Church here on Creighton’s campus. I have been in the Omaha area since 1987: ten at Creighton Prep helping in the business office, then seven years serving as a rural pastor in the Des Moines diocese and now as an associate pastor at St. John’s. 

While in the Des Moines diocese I lived at the Creighton University Retreat Center near Griswold, IA and was pastor in the three parishes to the east of the retreat center, Griswold, Cumberland (Reno) and Anita.

I grew up in central Minnesota, entered the Society of Jesus in 1955 and have spent most of my years in three ministries. I was a high school chemistry teacher at Marquette University High School and then after ordination at Campion Jesuit High School. From there I was assigned for twelve years to work in the business offices of America, the Jesuit weekly magazine and then to the business offices of Creighton Prep for ten years.

In all those years I enjoyed helping out in parishes with Masses. Finally I was assigned full-time to parish ministry, first in Iowa and now at St. John’s.
Writing these reflections:

I consider the bible to be God’s love story for all His creation and the Mass the principal prayer of thanksgiving for this love. The lectionary readings are rich with different aspects of this love of God for us and I enjoy to reflect and pray over these readings.

I am happy to be able to share my prayers with the Daily Reflections ministry on the Creighton website.
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