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February 7th, 2009

Diane Jorgensen

School of Pharmacy
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Aaaahhhh….“Come over here to a quiet place… put your feet up… rest awhile.” Jesus’ words are like a cup of hot coffee on these cold days; a soothing ointment for my tired muscles after a busy week. Sometimes I’m so focused on all I am “doing for the Lord” that I miss how much the Lord wants to do for me – and is doing for me – every day.

The Gospels are full of wonderful stories of Jesus healings, his preaching, his wit and political savvy.  I’m in the crowd, watching – marveling - cheering – “You go, Jesus!”  Sometimes doing a little counseling and teaching myself. But today is different… he turns to us; to me. He wants to hear about all we have done and taught. Now he is the audience. Will I measure up? I probably could have gotten more accomplished, done a better job of preparing, and been more compassionate with that last person. But Jesus simply listens to my stories, and then says “Come and rest”. No judgment, no evaluation, no grade. No “You will do better tomorrow”. His simple welcome and listening and hospitality bring tears to my eyes…. Oh. I guess I did OK. I am enough! He isn’t evaluating… he simply wants to care for us!

I think of the many ways Jesus comes to me on campus…. The friend who invites me to walk because she knows I’m trying to live healthier; the coworker who comes early and waits at an outside door to let us in so we don’t have to walk so far in the cold; my husband who wants to hear all about my day as we sit down to dinner. So many little tender gestures that let me know how much I am loved and cared about.

Rest? What rest? Just as we sit down, there are so many people coming to see Jesus…he turns to them….some from the crowd come to us… to me! “My neighbor told me about how much you helped her… how compassionate you were and what a good listener you were…. May I speak with you?” Oh. I look at Jesus and his face is radiant with compassion and his voice is filled with energy as he begins to teach and preach. How does he do it?
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