Brian Kokensparger
College of Arts and Sciences
Academic Resource Specialist

I first came to Creighton U. in 1985 as a student.

Andy Alexander, S.J.
More about me:

I am an Academic Resource Specialist (advising and support for online computer initiatives) for the Creighton College of Arts & Sciences. My path through Creighton over the past twenty years have varied, from being a creative writing and theatre student, to supporting the Fine & Performing Arts department as a secretary and promotions coordinator, to working in the Dean's Office in the College of Arts & Sciences, to programming heart monitoring equipment in Cardiology, and back to the Dean's Office again.

I knew, when I first arrived here as a student, that there was something special about the Jesuit community here, and something special about the Creighton spirit, that you cannot find anywhere else. Call it an "intangible" if you like, but I'm just satisfied calling it home.

When I am not at work at Creighton, I'm usually at work at home, either keeping my old house repaired and painted, or shuttling my two daughters back and forth between their activities.

Writing these reflections:

Writing a Daily Reflection piece is an honor that I do not take lightly. In addition to the obvious value of sharing one's faith with others, it is also a very effective way of forcing one's self to enter into the text of the Scriptural passages. If you are having a difficult time trying to connect to the Scriptural passages of the day, try writing your own Daily Reflection, just for yourself! You might be surprised how the Lord will guide you!

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