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January 3rd, 2010

Jeanne Schuler

Philosophy Department
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What We Share

We are made for truth.  From birth onward, we struggle to emerge into the light.  Goodness envelopes us from the start in our amazing body and unfolding awareness.  No one could exist outside the light, but our desires rush forward in search of something more.  The human soul brims with life and longing.

The Magi came in search of the new king.  Like others devoted to knowledge, they did not fear where truth led them.  They left home and traveled far from their language, land, and familiar beliefs.  What calls most deeply belongs to all peoples.  While expert about distant stars, the astrologers were surprised by the discovery of the child.  Truth is never exactly what we figure on.  Who is ready for wonder?  The Magi offered gifts to the one who transforms everything.

Mistrust of truth is appealing.  Truth may seem like an ancient idol blocking our way.  We are determined to make it purely on our own.  For those eager to dismantle truth, all roads become flat lines.  We wanted to embark on a journey, but our choices spin like wheels on ice.  Freed from truth, our lives lose traction and ground. 

Your presence finds us.  While bent on making life our own, even our willful confusion catches the light and guides us.

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