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April 1st, 2010

Carol Zuegner

Journalism Department
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The heart of the Holy Thursday Mass comes in the Gospel of John, where John describes Jesus before the Passover feast with the apostles. Jesus knows the end is near. In those last hours with the apostles, Jesus ties a towel around his waist and washes their feet. The gesture and the act are so full of humility and love. The actions speak more than a torrent of words. The apostles don’t quite understand, but Jesus assures them that they will.

This ritual, carried out every Holy Thursday, in churches in Rome to my neighborhood parish, still speaks volumes. We are humbled by Jesus’ willingness to do such a personal and menial task. The model of love and willingness to sacrifice for others are so strongly portrayed in the simple act of washing feet. With that act, Jesus put his faith in those apostles, and throughout the ages, to each of us.  We don’t always understand, but we can follow Jesus’ example and model of humility and sacrifice.

The beauty and simplicity of the Gospel story work in tandem with the first two readings. The first reading sets the scene of Passover while the second reading resonates with the familiar words of the Eucharist. We have a covenant that we renew each time we receive communion. I pray that I am mindful of that covenant, of the promise I make. And I pray for humility and the willingness to follow Jesus’ model of love.

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