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September 16th, 2010

Jeanne Schuler

Philosophy Department
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Loved Free At Last

The woman was not invited to the dinner.  A known sinner, she was shunned by the upright.  But she comes anyway and tenderly cares for the one who sets her free.

Simon is troubled by the presence of the woman.  He worked hard to be observant and pure.  Avoiding the stain of sin meant avoiding those who are unclean.  To be touched by such a woman brings shame.  After all, we take our measure from both the company and distance we keep.  The righteous must rise above the wicked.  Without this elevation, what’s it all for?

Sometimes our efforts get in the way.  Trying hard to stand on our own, we lose touch with the goodness supporting us all around.  According to one plan, we can forgive ourselves and set things right.  But the sadness grows.  One life is more than anyone can manage alone.  Wisely, God sets forth another plan. 

We are loved into existence.  From tears of joy, our goodness can flow.

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