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February 22nd, 2011
Patrick Borchers

Academic Affairs
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This is always a gloomy time of the year for me.  Although the sun is beginning to creep higher in the sky we have yet to really begin to break winter’s grip.  It’s as if I can feel the netherworld of which Jesus speaks grabbing at my ankle trying to pull me down into the abyss.

So what to do about it?  The tempting strategy is to wallow in self pity and ignore God and the rest of the world.  My use of the word “tempting” is intentional, because that’s exactly what the Evil One would like for us to do.  In a whispered voice he says:  “See, you’re getting older and God hasn’t given you that verdant pasture that the Psalmist promised.  Why bother with Him?  Why not try to accumulate all the worldly comforts you can and they will make you feel better.”

To a greater or lesser extent we’ve all succumbed to this at some point in our lives.  But did it really make us feel better in the long run?  No, of course not.  If we really think back to the times that gave us the greatest fulfillment, they came when we did God’s work.  We helped others; we stayed the course; we examined our lives.  It’s then that we become part of that Rock upon which the Church was built.  So in a metaphorical but real sense let’s join hands and commit to being part of that Rock.

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