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May 30th, 2011
Joan Lanahan

SPAHP/ Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
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Monday in the Sixth Week of Easter
[291] Acts 16:11-15
Psalm 149:1b-2, 3-4, 5-6a+9b
John 15:26-16:4a


“when the Advocate comes, the Spirit of  Truth who comes from the Father,
        And whom I myself will send from the Father, he will bear witness on my behalf.
                        You must bear witness as well.”              
                                                               John 15:26

Years ago a friend on retreat, who is now a Buddhist, asked: “what is Truth”.  We got into a long discussion on Truth.  Now I would answer her: “truth is the Spirit of God within us that calls us to love, to be peacemakers and to action” (the creation of love and of peace and of justice).

Jesus was assuring his apostles and now us that “God is always with us”.  Jesus was asking his apostles and us to follow in his footsteps.  We are the hearts and hands of Christ, of God in our world today.

Where do we see the Spirit of Truth struggling to be heard today?  Reading the signs of the times, I suggest in men and women fighting for freedom in Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc, for freedom from slavery: sex trafficking and factory slaves; for those struggling for the human needs of food, shelter, clothing.  We see pictures of these people on TV and grimace.  They are the “Poor” that Jesus helped and hopes we will help.

There is another Spirit of Truth that is really important and she is WITHIN us.  There are times in our lives when we want to be deaf and dumb, want to zone out.  These are the times of darkness we all go through - losses, deaths, big changes that we don’t feel we can cope with or our loved ones aren’t coping with very well.  The Spirit of Truth is also a Spirit of Love who sends us the right people at times we need them.  These folks will help us deal with our own struggles.  We just have to admit we are caught in the midst of a struggle.

Jesus tells us, “you must bear witness as well”.  Our world of hurting people often needs advocates for those who can’t speak or work for themselves.  How do you/I hear the Spirit of Truth?  What can I/you do to empower those who do not have a “voice”?

Joan Lanahan has been a contributor to the Daily Reflections since the beginning of this ministry. We are grateful to her for her sense of the mission at Creighton and for her insights into the readings of the day. We wish Joan many blessings in her retirement after nearly 25 years at Creighton University. God Speed, Joan!

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