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December 1st, 2011

Cathy Weiss Pedersen

Campus Ministry
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Memorial of Edmund Campion, Robert Southwell, martyrs
[178] Isaiah 26:1-6
Psalms 118:1+8-9, 19-21, 25-27a
Matthew 7:21, 24-27

“God, you are our eternal Rock!”

Isaiah heralds a familiar image of God as our mainstay in today’s reading and is echoed in Matthew’s gospel. Yet, I’m drawn to an image of experiences of walking in sand, often finding myself unstable, rather than sure-footed on “terra firma” with life’s uncertainties, whether personal or in our world’s economic and political struggles. At times, things seemingly beyond our control.

During this Advent season, I find myself awaiting, hoping for peace, both inner and around me and in our world. Certainly, this desire is appropriate to our liturgical season of celebrating and remembering the anticipation/waiting of the Hebrews for the Messiah and as Christians, the coming of God’s full presence among us.

As Christians, we believe in God’s presence in Jesus’ coming among us...and yet we wait. For what? If we already know the person of Jesus, God’s presence, who walked among us, then for what are we waiting?

During this past year, many special people who walked with me in life (my mom and dad, an aunt and uncle, some friends) have died. I know their loving presence to me in life, but feel a great loss in their death. I know that they are with God and somehow still with me, but I miss the fullness in life of who they are/were with us here. Perhaps this is true in many ways with how we struggle to “know” God’s presence. We believe that Jesus did walk, talk and live among us. We remember as we reflect on his words and life in the Scripture. We believe that God’s spirit IS with us now. Yet, the
fullness of God’s presence in our daily lives is something for which we seek, pray and yearn...God’s peace and love in fullness.

During this special time of Advent each year, we step back to remember that yearning, the hoping, that deep desire for God in our life, NOW!

Yet, as we go about our day to day lives, filled with “to do” lists that seem to grow during the holiday season as we prepare to gather with family and friends, we drift from the center of our yearning - the peace, the Godliness in our lives.

In whom do I trust...is it God? How and where is God truly present (or perhaps the question really is, “How and where am I really present to God”?). Seeking, hoping, and taking time in praying for peace, for God’s presence is one step, but if I truly believe that God’s Spirit IS within and around me/us, then how do I help create that center of peace?

God ‘s fullness IS here, but not yet realized. That is what Jesus’ words today call us to do....to build on a rock.... something/someONE solid ... but BUILD ! ! !

In our readying for the Christmas holidays, do I/we stop to reflect in peace....trust/be with God AND do the ”just thing”....pay attention to where those in need around us need attention...? Is the promise of God’s fullness among us something we only hope for, or am I/are we also open to working toward being God’s presence in the now toward that day of fullness?

As we continue in our Advent journey, let us pray the words of Isaiah: “A nation of firm purpose (unwavering faith and living presence in God) you keep in peace; in peace, for its trust in you. Trust in God forever!”

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