Nancy Shirley
Program Chair of LEAP (RN to BSN program) in the School of Nursing.  I returned to Creighton in December 2003.  Previously I taught here at Creighton from 1980-1989 and was involved in many campus activities including ILAC and CEC House.
More about me:

I'm married and together we have 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren.  I spent many years as a single mom raising my 2 children, Erik and Amy. I celebrate double-nickels (55) this year and find this getting old can be pretty wonderful. My husband, David, (who I met at Sacred Heart over 6 years ago) and I are active members in the Parish. I'm a greeter and have been a hospital visitor and on the liturgy committee.  David is the grounds/maintenance person for the parish in his "spare" time -- a very busy commitment which he does with great love. Early in 2004, we had the wonderful opportunity to experience Christians Encounter Christ weekends and continue to participate in ultreyas.


Writing these reflections:

My first reading of the scripture for november 20 left me somewhat intimidated. I was somewhat baffled by the true meaning until I spent more time looking  and listening at the words. David and I read it a few times on our vacation but didn't do the discussion and reflection I had originally hoped we would together. When I finished my writing I called my sister long distance and asked if she would listen to what I wrote.  As I read the first paragraph I realized that she was experiencing a similar difficult time in her life and perhaps hearing this would bring her comfort.  I think it was divinely inspired that I should call her with this posting.  I am once again reminded that there are no coincidences with God!!