Bert Thelen, S.J.
Pastor, St. John's Parish
More about me:

I am a native Wisconsin-ite and naturally a Green Bay Packer Fan. I joined the Society of Jesus after graduating from Marquette U. 

This is my third assignment in Omaha.  I've always like it here. My first "mission" was to teach at Creighton Prep as a scholastic in the early 1960's. After theological studies and ordination I returned to Prep for seven years as head of the theology department and pastoral program. 

I have about 15 years on the Province staff in various roles. 

I like fishing, cross-country skiing, tennis, reading. I also like seeing the best of the most current movies.

Writing these reflections:

It calls me to not only reflect more deeply on the scripture, but to think about how other people can pray with them.  It's similar to preparing homilies for Mass but not the same. It's helping people to pray and calling people to spend time to reflect on the readings. It calls me to try to facilitate the process of prayer for people.

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