Eileen C. Burke-Sullivan
I am Assistant Professor of Theology at Creighton, becoming a full-time member of the faculty in the fall of 2003.  I have taught in the Masters Program in Christian Spirituality for many summers, however.

More about me:

Michael Sullivan and I have been married for twenty-one years and together we have hosted exchange students and rescued abandoned dogs.

For a number of years I have served in lay ecclesial ministry in a variety of parish and diocesan positions throughout the midwestern United States and most recently the New England area, where I served as a free-lance consultant to dioceses and parishes while I completed my doctoral studies in Theology.


Writing these reflections:

Various forms of ministry of the Word have been the most important work I have been privileged to perform over much of my life as a pastoral minister, administrator, and teacher.  Deepening the understanding of the Scriptures and the Church's liturgy among the baptized has continually been at the heart of my professional work, so engaging in writing these reflections is a rich opportunity to expand that ministry beyond a single parish, diocese or region and to reach women and men throughout the world wide web - a somewhat challenging and heady realization.


Other links to me:

e-mail: e_burkesullivan@creighton.edu