Chris Duffy, S.J.

Director of Strategic Planning.

I started to serve in this role in September, 2013


More about me:

I grew up in Rochester, NY with my parents and five other siblings.  Without realizing it, my father and mother raised us as little Jesuits.  To this day I am quite blessed that my family are among my best friends.

After ordination about a year and a half ago, I have moved from my home province of California to my new province and apostolate located here in Omaha at Creighton U.  I find the people here at Creighton and in Omaha in general are generous and kind.  I would have said that those qualities were shared with me because I brought warm temperatures from sunny California; however, that has not been the case of late…

Writing these reflections:

Sharing with others how the Word helps me, and may possibly help others, draw closer to our loving God is quite humbling. 

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