Michael Cherney
I am a professor in the Physics Department.  I have been at Creighton since 1989. 
More about me:

I grew up in Milwaukee and have lived in Madison, St. Paul, Hamburg and Geneva. When classes are not in session, I spend most of the time working on my research in high energy nuclear physics at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island and at CERN just outside Geneva, Switzerland. When I am in Omaha I invest much of time working on the new Energy Technology major at Creighton. My wife also works at Creighton directing the Honors Program and the Ed.D. Program. I have two sons. One teaches math for the Chicago Public Schools and the other is in his senior year of engineering school. 

Writing these reflections:

I am a person who asks questions. This often leads me down a challenging path.

Other links to me:
e-mail: mcherney@creighton.edu
web page:   http://www.creighton.edu/~mcherney/