Eileen Wirth
Chair of the Department of Journalism, Media and Computing.  I teach mainly public relations courses and greatly enjoy advising students.

More about me:

I am a native Nebraskan who had a 20-year career in news and corporate public relations before joining Creighton’s Journalism Department in 1991. I’m department chair and teach PR and Media History courses. I’m a compulsively busy person who enjoys doing community volunteer work, writing books, spending time with family and friends and keeping in touch with our alums. I love having people over to my house for a good conversation and a glass of wine.

I’m the mother of two grown children and grandmother of three – but I can’t quite believe that I’m old enough to be a grandmother. Because I work out for about an hour early every morning, I feel far younger than I am. My walks and stints on an aerobic “torture machine” at the gym provide me with a time for reflection that gives me perspective. My ideas for reflections usually come from these sessions. I’m an avid reader of books on journalism, history, biographies, religion, sports, politics and the occasional mystery. Give me access to a gym and a public library and I’m a happy camper. Oh yes – I also bake great brownies for my students!

Writing these reflections:

I find that writing the reflections helps me read Scripture in depth. It forces me to think and even to shape up my own life. I also enjoy the feedback I get from readers everywhere. I'm sometimes amazed at the nerves we obviously manage to touch. It tells me that a lot of our readers must experience the same pressures and stresses that we do. 

Other links to me:

e-mail: emw@creighton.edu