Michael J. Kelly

Professor at the School of Law

Mike Kelly
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I joined the Creighton family in 2001 and have been a professor at the Law School since then.  Through the years, I’ve participated in various reading and formation groups – most recently in the Creighton Colleagues Program (CCP) training in Ignatian leadership and led by Father Andy Alexander, SJ and Maureen Waldron and as part of the Charles Taylor “A Secular Age” reading group led by Prof. David McPherson and Father Richard Hauser, SJ.  I first encountered the Jesuit philosophy of living for others as a student at Georgetown and have tried to bring that into my professional life as much as possible.  My scholarship genocide research and victim justice attempts to bring forward that idea.  I live in Omaha with my wife Konni and four children.  Although my duties in the Law School running our international programs necessitates frequent travel, I never feel better than when I’m coming home to them.

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