Creighton Students shared their stories from their Fall Break Service Trips with faculty and staff.

These nine students were among 140 students who went to 30 sites across the country.

The video of their sharing is moving and is a wonderful witness to what our Creighton students give and receive in this experience.

Click on the image below to watch the video:

Service Trip Video



The Service Trips are coordinated by the
Schlegel Center for Service and Justice.

The Lunch was sponsored by the
Collaborative Ministry Office

Left to right in each row:

Hope Bedenkop (El Paso) -Nursing
Brendan Smyth (Memphis) - Arts and Sciences
Meghan Rill (Birmingham) - Business

Emily Beyersdorfer (Albuquerque) -Nursing
Kevin Kelly (New Orleans) - Business
Kyle Armstrong (Stroud, OK) - Arts and Sciences

Caroline Cacabelos (Clinton, IA ) - Arts and Sciences
Natalie Turner (Morton, MS) - Arts and Sciences
Ty Venzon (Montgomery) - Arts and Sciences

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