A Topic at the 35th General Congregation

The Mission of the Society of Jesus
in the Context of Globalization and Marginalization

Globalization and Marginalization: Our Global Apostolic Response
Social Justice Secretariat,
February, 2006

Globalization and Marginalization
Study and Discussion Guide
Sandie Cornish of the Loyola Institute
in Sydney, Australia

Promotio Iustitiae,
We live in a Broken World
(#70, 1999)

Promotio Justitiae,
Seeking Peace in a Violent World: New Challenges (#98, 2005)

GC 35: Re-igniting the Flame: A Personal Viewpoint
Edward Mudavassery, S.J.

Promotio Iustitiae,
Justice in a Globalizing World #93, pp. 46-54
Paul Locatelli SJ

The challenge of this discussion is for the Society to rearticulate its world wide mission in the context of the realities of our day.

The processes of globalization are having a profound impact upon the poor around the world. The Society of Jesus is being called to address this issue out of its global mission, acknowledging that Christ's own mission is global. How should the Society address these concerns which transcend province and even assistancy boundaries? What kind of cooperation and coordination is necessary?

How are those marginalized by globalization part of the Society's universal mission? The postulates mention the following situations requiring our attention: Africa, indigenous and discriminated peoples, migrants, refugees and displaced peoples, and the commitment for peace, reconciliation and human rights.



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