Photos from the 34th General Congregation
taken by Fr. Don Doll, S.J. - Creighton University
Magis Productions

Captions by the Collaborative Ministry Office
Creighton University

G.C. 34 in Images
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After the General is elected at G.C. 35 by paper ballot,
all voting will be done by electronic voting:
Placet (Yes, i.e. It pleases me) or Non Placet (No)
After the new General is elected at GC 35,
the members will remain in the room until word reaches
the Holy Father and he sends back his blessing.

The delegates set their own agenda at the Congregation.
Notice the statue of St. Ignatius leaning into the wind
at the right - an inspiration to the Congregation members.
See a full image of the statue here.

Delegates at G.C. 34 met by language groups for some discussions.
Members of G.C. 35 will discuss as many topics as they decided to address.

Members of the Congregation may choose to discuss topics
which can later be dealt with by the ordineary Society governance.

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