Praying Ordinary Time

Praying As We Age

Enjoying Vacation Time

Rediscovering Corporal Works of Mercy

What If I Have Trouble Getting Better?

Parenting Our Adult Children

How do I prepare for Mass on Sunday?

Praying the Psalms
Paying attention to the Parallelism

Ordinary Time Symbols in Our Home

Praying the Rosary
as Pope St. John Paul II Suggested

How the Ordinary Time Readings
Are Organized and Can Help our Prayer

Praying in Times of Crisis

A Matter of the Heart: Prayer as Relationship

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Weekly Guide for Daily Prayer

Ignatian Contemplative Prayer:
Using Our Imaginations

Resources for Grieving

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Stumbling Across God in Ordinary Days

Praying a Daily Look Back at our Time

Discernment of Daily Movements
and Decisions

Marriage Reflections

Lectio Divina: A simple guide to Spiritual Reading

How to look for a Spiritual Director

Setting up a prayer or reading group

Praying As We Age

What we can do now to prepare to grow in our relationship with God as we grow older.

Enjoying Vacation Time

It is difficult to take a break, to be on holiday or on vacation, but it can be easier with a focus on the reasons for rest and a few tips.

Rediscovering the
Corporal Works of Mercy

The traditional Corporal Works of Mercy may have been part of our childhood, but we don't always hear much about them as a group today.
Give Food to the Hungry. Give Drink to the Thirsty.

And, what were the others...?

Yet these are "our marching orders" -- the guidelines Jesus gives us if we are his followers. How do we follow those seven guides today?

Francis Washing FeetInspired by Kerry Weber's book Mercy in the City we took a second look at the Corporal Works of Mercy and how we might live them out in our everyday lives. Join us in this rediscovery of these treasures of our faith lives and send us your ideas for how you find ways to live them out each day.

The Works of Mercy Windows at St. John's Parish Church

Praying with the Church during Ordinary Time

Here are the Collects for the upcoming weeks of Ordinary Time.

Week 32 - Nov 9-15

Week 33 - Nov 16-22

Week 34 -Nov 23-29


What is this site about?

Special religious holidays and seasons are wonderful, and many of our festivities and traditions spring from Advent and Christmas, or Easter and Lent.

The rest of our liturgical year is simply called Ordinary Time. While the "ordinary" really comes from the word ordinal because these weeks are counted (e.g.15th Week of Ordinary Time) it also reminds us of the everyday ways we connect with God.

With this website, we hope to offer ways to find the sacred in our everyday lives and to deepen our faith during times when we don't have the traditions of special seasons.

Join us in this journey and let us know what else we can offer here. As always, the Online Ministries websites are shaped by our readers. Let us know what you need!

What else would you like to see on this site? Please send us your ideas by emailing us your suggestions here.

Parenting Our
Adult Children

How do we stay connected with our adult children - who may be living lives far differently than we want them to - and who don't want our advice. Keeping the lines of communication open.

What If I Have Trouble
Getting Better?

All of us expreience a desire to be better. And, the struggles of everyday life sometimes leave us quite unhappy with how we cope with conflicts and how we respond. Sometimes, we even lose hope that we can get better. Here's a hopeful reflection, with some practical tips for opening the doors to God's grace of healing in our lives.


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