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At any time this week, if you have anything you'd like to share, that has touched you, you can share it by leaving a note here, even anonymously.

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This morning the first day of my retreat I prayed with the readings of today and the words from Jesus on the cross to His Mother and to John
(Behold your mother) ( Behold your son) and I wondered if you spoke those words to my aunt – because after my mother died she took me as
a tiny baby to her house to bring me up. I praise you Lord Jesus because you have always been there for me.  Also this morning in my meditation
I saw a bowl of rice and I took it to mean that you will multiply my feeble efforts to draw closer to you during this retreat – just as a handful of rice when cooked turns into a large bowlful. Thank you Jesus I pray also today for everyone beginning the retreat.

Week 1: I'm starting this retreat with a heavy heart and hope for more feeling of love, confidence and care that God provides me.  In the last week I lost a dear soul -- she was so strong in spirit and fought so hard in her battle for cancer.  Her class, care, generosity and love were palpable though far away…and I swear, I knew when she was dying (and earlier when she was sick) -- she came into my mind and then i found out later she was lost.  It broke my heart -- and then last night I found out about another sweet, smart person who I know was diagnosed with a very aggressive, malignant cancer. 

These woman were/are lights in my life and so young.  I need to feel God's gracious hand in this to help with the sadness…I love looking for daily God sightings.  Lately it's been blurry.  I hope that this retreat helps me feel God in my life and better understand his ways.  In the words of our focus…to know his fidelity and feel gratitude.  I hope it's easier to say "thank you"….and a little less "why?".  I know there is a reason…looking for perspective and love.

Week 1: I started reading the guide for the retreat today. I was reflecting on the monumental task of going through my story with God, and i feel a little discomfort. First because i don't know if i would have the discipline of prayer, and just going through my life story with all the pot holes, detours, indecisions. But i also revel in the fact that i now see that my childhood was bittersweet. A happy childhood, with some moments of pain, imagination, church, friends, God. God who was both near and far, but that a sense of gratitude permeates my being because He was there right in my childhood.

As I start week one I feel so blessed.  I have faced memories of not feeling good enough.  I have seen myself as a small child crying and lying to get out of being told off,  or of almost engineering this as chastisement was followed by a cuddle.  But I have also relived memories that show I was loved, and have come to realise that mum did her very best to be a good mother and did what she thought was best at the time.
I can see God there in the good and the bad times, always loving, always waiting for my love,  not the harsh judge waiting for me to fail. Thank you Spirit for being with me on this journey.  Amen

The anchor  of our existence is in the presence of our beloved God.  What a gift to have any inkling of this.  How does such realization of such a gift happen in an individual life and in a world of ephemeral distraction.
It is a mystery beyond words, beyond ideas.  To be touched by this reality yields adoration before such Presence!  Praise be our beloved God.

received a multitude of gifts but especially my husband and I are going deeper into prayer together and drawing really close in the Lord

I have started this on-line retreat many times…and never make it past the first couple of weeks!  I am praying that this time I can finish the entire retreat.
Certainly, I have completed the assignment to review my life multiple times as well.  The one thing I have gotten as a message from this over and over again…God was ALWAYS with me!  I may have felt abandoned, or unloved, or just plan ugly!  But, God was there and was walking along side me to get me to this very place! 

Now, it took years of praying, praying, therapy….to get there!  but I am here at last! 
My prayer for each of you going through this retreat with me is that this week you find where you are in God’s  album…It is certainly worth it! 


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