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As I finish up week 1 I returned to find the sharing page.  How lovely it is for me at 68 to know that others in my age range have had similar pasts.
My courage and faith are being strengthened--thanks be to God!
I have a hole in my brain and in my heart and I am asking Jesus to fill me up.
My faith tells me that His will be done and he wishes good for me.
I pray to be a better wife, mother and Catholic.
Holy Spirit abide with me and guide me home.
I pray for reconciliation for my crazy family and healing for my husband, and especially for graces for my son who has never developed a spiritual sense.  They are good people, confused and mistrustful.
May I be led to help them by example and love them as God loves me--100% , all of the time.
Amen - Week 1

I feel so fortunate to have had the parents that I had - the first ones to have taught me about God's love. Loving people. I thank Him daily for this blessing. My daughter-in-law is a case worker at a children's home. Children abused or neglected. Their stories must be horrendous. It makes me so grateful for my mom and dad and the childhood I had. - Week 1

Thinking of my childhood, I recalled something I haven't thought about in years. That is opening the Sunday bulletin and finding my name listed as altar boy for the daily 6:30am mass. At the time I thought my mother volunteered me as some sort of punishment. 
No one from my family would attend the mass, so I got a ride from a neighbor. An old man who gave me the creeps.  

The mass was held in a small room and attended very poorly.  Often times it was just Father, the creepy neighbor and I there. So the service didn't last long.  I'd get home before anyone else was awake.  Painful for a teenager. 

Looking at it now, I can see God's Grace in this. I learned at a very young age that God is in the quiet still times of the day.  Whether I knew it or not, I was being exposed to God's word, God's spirit and Godley men. 

Grace. - Week 1

I have just begun my first week of the retreat and am truely excited.  I plan to share my thoughts along the way so I can look back at them after the 34 week journey and reflect on them.  This week is special in looking at my life's story beginning from the beginning.  I now realize that God was present and responsible for all my experiens during my life, good and bad.  I give thanks to God for being with my through every second of my life, from before birth to this day.  I pray I am aware of Gods presence in my life today and everyday going forward, and allow God to guide my life as he has in the past.  May his will be done in my life and during this journey...  Jay - Week 1

Going through the teens and adulthood, after the lovely graces of childhood received on day 1, despite being an unwanted child, now comes flooding through, awareness of being loved by the Lord, all the way through. As St. Paul says my desire to be constant in the love for Him is not, nor has been, as I would have desired.

Therefore, there is a dichotomy on reflection, realising that Acceptance of self as a sinner, loved by the Lord is the Way.

His mercy, love and forgiveness for all those memories recalled in detail is the grace for today. Thanks be to God.

Pat Week 1

Let’s thank God for the good people at Creighton University who make this opportunity available.
Last spring I went through a shorter version of this Ignatian retreat, the eight week form. (Well, it took me like sixteen weeks to get through it…) I’m experiencing a mixture of excitement and trepidation as I set out on the complete version. But God was with me last spring, and he’ll be with me—and all of us—as we embark on this pilgrimage. I’ll pray for all of you. Please pray for me.

Peter - - Week 1

Our family is not as the paintings of old. It is messy and sometimes troubled; however, there have also been times of sublime joy as when our children are born, a dance recital, a graduation, a vacation, a trip back home, or even a reunion. But also we have suffered: through deaths, illness, disappointments, divorce, and other losses.
I hope on this day we remember only the joyous things that bind us as family, not a legal family of blood but one of trust, love, and a bond that is forever inexplicable. Let us this day forget and forgive the past. Let us overlook all the "little things", those hurts, unfulfilled expectations, and failures in relationships and instead, concentrate on just loving one another "as we are now" with all our warts , scars, and defects. After all, we are all blessed to be good and holy people in the eyes of God. We are each His favorites, just as we stand here now! So today let us try to see the person God sees in each of us as we celebrate and remember the Holy Family.  I would like that. 

Joseph asked me to travel with them to Bethlehem.  He was worried that the baby might come and he would need help.  I walked the dusty roads beside the donkey that carried Mary.   I entered the stable with them when we could find no other shelter.   Thankfully, it was warm with the heat from the animals and the sweet-smelling hay rustled as they moved about.  Mary went into labor that night and I witnessed her baby come into the world.  What indescribable joy!  Later I held him while Mary slept. -Judy

It's becoming hard for me to move on from an insight that I had re: a crossroads 10 years ago to the date. That day changed my life completely. I prayed before some serious spine surgery by the chief of Neurosurgery ay my University hospital. I "let go, let God" that day. He operated on the wrong side injuring my nerves further. I went from partially disabled to progressive and total disability. I legs are almost completely paralyzed. Being an orthopaedic surgeon myself doesn't help. 
Today I realized that I hated God for that and have ignored Him ever since, calling it: agnosticism. I started praying again at Thanksgiving. During this retreat I uncovered this event with all the emotions attached. For ten years I have forgiven the surgeon, putting it behind me - till now. I feel like I have to hate God for not answering that prayer. Why put myself in His hands if the result was not changed one iota? RN
OmIf you don't firmly program your children's minds with truth, someone else will do so with half-truth, untruth, and unimportant truth. ~ Anonymous

I will start to do this retreat next week. I will be happy to share with other .

I made it half way thru two years ago starting during a sabbatical. This year I will try by following the practices as designed for the year.

Peace and Good,Craig

For 3 weeks now this deep longing for 'home' has been coming up to my conscious mind. I have also had a deep drawing to reading a couple of books on loving yourself - aligning yourself with how God sees you. Little did I know the Holy Spirit was brooding over me - gathering me under God's wings to prepare me for a great receiving of grace. I don't have a parental home to go to so it is not a longing for home in that sense.

However as I read the first reading - Accepting Acceptance it dawned on me that 'home' is a place where ideally, you go and you are loved and accepted just as you are. Where you are able to be your 'true self' with no persona's. Where you relax into the rhythm of your parents love relationship and are fed and nurtured just by being around that love. It spills over to you because you are the result of that love. You are in many ways the recipient of their love for each other as well.

As i ponder this - the Holy Spirit has done a deep work in my heart. I never realised to the level this surgery of God went to, that I didn't accept myself. My true self. I had developed a persona. All children do I guess in varying degrees - depending on how freely they were loved and accepted when growing. So here is to the journey of discovery. Who I was made to be brought into the light - to live in His love and acceptance.

ps...i also was given this insight about being with difficult people in my life. It was spoken to me like this 'When you look upon someone who causes you to recoil from them, remember that they were once little children. They have been written on just as you have. They are not what you see presented right here right now. See the child and you will give them the dignity of at the least respect as a fellow human and at the best - love and acceptance of which you need as well. -Sheryl

As I do this retreat I ralized thaht Jesus has frgiven me a sinner and will help me live a life with him.

I am taking this retreat to help me adjust to my recovery from bladder cancer. I am a Deacon for the last 39 years. I hope to get help in my life. -Al

It is painful to recall some of my childhood memories, but being here today tells me that my Lord was with me all this time and I didn't even know it.

Good Morning. It's just after 11am here in a monastery in the south of England, U.K., where I come once a month and set before myself a chapter of your book, Retreat in the Real World, which adds up to my being on this particular retreat for nearly three years. I have to admit that when I get back into my parish, most of it feels as though it 'goes out the window' as I am absorbed into the problems and activities there. But saying that, I have found it a very rewarding experience. The 'Stable meditation' in the review after week 16, I used as a meditation on Christmas night which was really well received by the people. The Retreat has helped to give me a great deal in a healthy and a very positive way. Early on in my ministry I was a great devotee of Fr. John Powell S.J and Fr. Anthony de Mello S.J. They have and still are a great influence in my life. I mention this because I can sometimes sense them in the Retreat.
I have not finished yet, but I did want to say 'thank you'. I have recommended the book to a number of people.
God bless you all in this special ministry.
Father J





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