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At any time this week, if you have anything you'd like to share, that has touched you, you can share it by leaving a note here, even anonymously.

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Week 1: I am returning to these exercises after a period of years.  When I first encountered them they had a profound effect on my life and subsequently changed the direction of my career.  Since then I am thankful for the retreat experiences, spiritual guides and spiritual friends who have touched me.  I returned to the US recently after another period of discernment and I hope that in following this path along with the liturgical year that I deepen my relationship with and service for Jesus.  What I found particularly significant in reflecting on the photos of my life is how richly blessed I have been.  Yes I do feel pain in some photos realising that in the background there are deep clouds of sinful mistakes and errors of judgment.  But I also rejoice at the richness of experience I have been blessed with.  Thinking of the parable of the talents, I hope that I have not been burying this treasure but rather that I can use these experiences and make them real gifts for others. 

my heart opens with gratitude, to those with whom I am traveling the following 34 weeks.
I have asked others family and friends, all saying “no”too busy or not interested it is “here” where my desire to make this retreat, meets with people “unknown”to me, I am accepted :) ahhh....Lady Wisdom, Holy Spirit, Gracious God, Loving Son Jesus, and yes St Ignatius, thank you

Lord please continue to bless us, as we make this retreat, thank you for  the gift of others making this retreat with me, I think I feel accepted, I rather know and feel I am.

Well- that was a bit of a wake up call. Realised that actually all the stuff that I do that is negative stems from me being an over ambitious control freak! With a healthy dose of humility and a bit of thinking about doing stuff to serve others rather than serve my own sense of importance, adding some acceptance of others views, it'll be interesting to see how my behaviour reacts!

Thank you for me being in this place, at this time, with these wonderful people. Let me remember stuff is up to you. Amen.

I am looking for a deepening of my prayer life--of my giving myself to God--so that there is a little empty space inside me that He can fill. This form of prayer, of being constantly in His presence, letting memories drift into my conscious mind, and looking for God in that moment and is very..."seductive"? "alluring"? Jeremiah 20:7, where Jeremiah complains to God that He "duped" the prophet with His beauty! God, I love You! Let's exchange hearts!

I am in a place of some shock after walking through the beginning here. How did I stumble into this? It was all quite gradual and accidental, yet here I am, starting a retreat, holding an image, thinking about what it means to be accepted.
It feels as if an earthquake rumbled through this space and I am still dazed. --Mary M.

First day of week one and I see the warmth and love of the Lord in the relationships He has surrounded me with since before my birth.
There is darkness and pain there too but opening up and beginning to see just how much my Mother, in particular, has loved me, despite the obstacles in her life, including the ones I placed in her way, has been amazing.
We spoke on the phone yesterday and had one of the deepest, most heart warming conversations that we have ever had, and I knew I was experiencing (glimpsing) God's love in our relationship.
The first day! Thanks be to God. --Maria

I am not quite through the week, but am so glad this particular retreat is available to us all.  I feel I am being called by our Lord to come and do this retreat., and isn't it good it is the middle of September!!!  I first opened this site several months ago...

I've been taught and know spiritually there are no coincidences with God, and I am going to follow Him into this with all my heart.  I pray we all receive His graces through this. Amen and Amen

Although I have written my life story several times, this is something I need to do often.  Each time I write,  I am a little more honest about my feelings

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