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Change is not easy for anyone. The people of Nazareth are no exception. They were good people by earthly standards but not did not understand who Jesus was and how he had become so famous. When he called me, I was very resistant to change. I am in the process of changing my heart. I close my eyes and whisper his name and He is with me. 

On the 155th day of The Exercises, I am called to poverty of spirit (Matthew 6: 25-33). I have always loved that passage as it brings me help and hope. Today I hear it differently. It is my call along with the Beatitudes. When I actually 'hear' Jesus say the words to me, I MUST change. I have grown to love this Lord of mine over for the past 21 weeks, as I have been there for his life and come to know him and his family. I take this as a clear roadmap for moving forward, "Only people who do not know God are always worrying about those things." 

When I do what I normally do, I am putting other things before him. My possessions and quest for them, my quest for prestige, my polarizing need to be independent, have all been brought to my attention. I stand here exposed for my foolishness. All of these ego needs have kept me at a distance from God. The constant need to feed my ego has been brought to my attention and I am dealing with these changes as I am simply called to leave it all behind and follow Jesus. 

Ah Ha! I fully understand the detachment of the 3rd personality now. It was not an easy path to change for me. I stumbled and veered off track many times. I will probably do so again. Next time however, I will be better prepared to see the folly of my ways and, hopefully, find my way back to the road with prayer and a whisper to Jesus. Rebecca - Week 22

Today, the loaves are multiplied. He advises His disciples to bring what they have. He blesses the food and all are fed. Lord help me to remember to bring all that I have, to seek your blessing that my resources may be multiplied. Today He has also stopped Saul in his tracks, and called on Ananais to lay his hands on for a blessing, a healing and a commissioning of mission. Lord help me to accomplish what You have sent me here for. Nothing else will suffice. -Week 29

I have made it to the 32nd week of this retreat, I've grown to depend on it, and I'm a little anxious about coming to the end. What a fruitful journey it has been - - but I know I have far to go. I went through some big life changes during these weeks. I was laid off from my job in December and turned 65 in January. I had pictured my retirement as filled with volunteer work and travel but financially I wasn't prepared. I tried to find a job in my field but no luck. Jesus showed me a path of service I could follow through home care for seniors. I was apprehensive and afraid at first but I prayed for his guidance and I felt his call to do this. It is such a blessing to know that I am doing what he wants me to do. -Week 32

I can understand the twelfth week, trying to understand the world around Jesus and his fervent religious life, but am failing the see the point of trying to focus on events we know almost nothing about save we believe they happened. I was making phenomenal progress but now feel like it's all slipping away as we diverge from what were very focused weeks. Bob -Week 12

"When you're looking for someone to help, look no further than the tips of your fingers." Fr. Tom Hanly - priest, mentor, friend.

It's not that I want to rebel, I just don't want to be bothered. I believe, I understand Jesu's surrender to the Father's will and what surrender looks like in my life. But today I am weary. I am tired of always having to be the one who accommodates and the one who fixes. I am all,out of answers. I am all out of alternatives. The only help can come from God and tomorrow may be a better day, but today I am tired. -Week 28

I retreated in fear the last couple of days and let temptation linger until I nearly chose serious sin. By God’s grace and mercy I went to confession instead and am continuing on this morning. Please pray for me as I for all of you.

Finally willing to share starting week 10. I want to thank those of you who have shared all along as it is such a help to know there are others taking this journey and that there are people at various stages of healing and wholeness, yet we all are seeking the same thing. I have found life difficult to say the least and have often sought ways to avoid this valley of tears, which paradoxically always brings more tears and anguish. It is truly only by grace and family praying that I can join you all here. I now lift my prayer for my mom, my sons, brothers and sisters, extended family and the whole world. I particularly pray for all of you on this retreat and ask your continued prayers. -Week 10

Even as I believe, I doubt. As I am convinced, I waiver. Help me to not wander off after the next shiny object. You are the only way, O Lord. Let me cling to you. -Week 27

Just getting started.
Eager and scared,
Feeling loved and accepted,
trying hard not to “hit the wall” of doubt on my mini marathon.
Well onwards and up wards,
inwards and outwards,
on words and up words in words and out words
God its you and me and …. open to all
bye for now.. not no byes,
just I’m off to be with God somewhere else other than here in this computer moment,
see ya later!
God Bless

Follow Me. Leave your old life behind. I understand why people literally leave. It is hard, but then it becomes easier. To stay with those you love and follow is difficult. Even if they mean well, even if they are on the same path, it is difficult. The pull of conforming to the old ways is great. I believe that we remain because God needs us to be the example of constant striving for our peers. They need to see us try, fail, try again, fail, and try again. All the while remaining in God's Holy Love. The Stations of the Cross. He said it. Pick up your cross and follow me. You will stumble. You will fall. Others will jeer. Others will cry. Some will help willingly. Some will be forced to help. The journey will be brutal. The destination even more so. At the end, with perseverance, with surrender, all will be transformed. -Week 26

Jesus, I read your stories everyday and somehow forget their wonder. I get the personal messages of my life, but I forget the pure wonder of God Among Us. There is no story like it. A God who comes to heal and suffer. It has to be true. No one could have made this up. You healed the blind man as a sign for the blind, but they refused to see. But he knew that something amazing had happened to him. Those who claimed righteousness could not heal him. But You did. -Week 25

Please pray for me.
I have sat with Week 10 and with God. There is so much I wish to do, so much I have done for God and God's people. Now I am ill. I have had Lupus since I was 12. It has taken much from me. When I am not ill, I rush to do and work and overdo trying to get my work done. For the 1st time, because I am so blessed, I have been to ill to do anything. Week 10 has been a long 3 weeks as I began to see through God's eyes. I see a lot of "I's" and know that while I believe God has used me, I have also used God. It is through my work I sought to help but also sought my praise and my will. I worry that I am now not being ministered to as I worked to minister to others and I worried that I have no purpose. What can God do with me? I now listen to God. I trust that God will use me as God wishes, that my purpose will be fulfilled, that even in my worst days, I am never alone or without hope. I am filled with Grace, hope, peace. I ask humbly for my worries to cease, my trust to grow. Truly, God's love and grace are all I need. Healing has new meaning. I consent and open to the presence and action of God and the Holy Spirit in me. Transform me. Do with me what you will. -Week 10

I have just started the 4th week of this retreat and I look forward to reflecting on people and personally traits that I admire and would like to emulate in my life.
Although I am a truly blessed man, having found my way back to Christ about 15 years ago, I continue to struggle with fear based, negative, self centered thinking.
I thank God for the gifts of prayer, daily mass and frequent reconciliation which have enabled me to continue to overcome these negative thoughts on a daily basis.
I pray for the Grace to continue on my journey and ask the Lord to increase my faith to believe in His healing power. I am truly grateful for online retreats like this which offer me other means to express myself and grow closer to Christ. -Week 4

Lord I have been a Pharisee. I have used Your Law to judge others, while I have deservedly received Your rebuke. But You have turned to me with eyes of mercy saying that I will not forget you. Though you are lost and in the desert, I will not forget you. I will weigh your chances so that you may overcome. -Week 24

Love, freedom to Love Others. In this the Fourth Week of Lent, I am receiving an Invitation from Christ to Love, along side of Him, all Those who cross My Path. During the First Week of Lent, I realized I would not have transportation this Lenten Season to attend Weekday Mass, nor any Lenten weekly Fellowship at My Church. Needless to say, I was disappointed and convinced I would not have an enlightening time, being Home bound. The Holy Spirit showed Me your wonderful Online Retreat. I was so relieved and hopeful. I truly am enjoying this website and feel so blessed to use it as a resource.

The Most and the Best thing I can do for anyone is love Them. Whether is be through Prayer, Fellowship, Sacrifice if needed, I will love Those around Me. What better way is there to Worship and Honor Our Lord Jesus Christ than to love Those in His Name. This is my Calling this Fourth Week. I shall pray, prepare and allow God to use Me to Love Others. This Desire, will require me to lower all walls, physical, emotional, and spiritual in Order that I am opened enough to feel that Real Love. I want to experience this so completely that I will be washed by the Love, healed by the Love, and my Eyes might be opened by this Love. Then, I want to share this Love with those near Me, at any given moment.

This is My Desire, to be a Source of God's Love. Wonderful feeling, in the middle of Lent, I ask for prayers, in order that the Holy Spirit will continue this Journey with Me. I do not want to miss any knowledge or Love, God the Father has available for Me. Thank You for this Wonderful site, it is a much needed Resource, thank you for allowing Us a place to share as We Journey.

May The Lord Bless You and Yours! -Week 4

This week of the healing ministry. This week of Jesus revealing the power of God through Himself. Let us be vessels of healing in the lives of those around us. Let us continue to offer prayers, fasting, alms, thanksgiving for friends and strangers alike. Let us heal others by choosing to do good in our lives. I thank God for the great gift of breath and being. I thank God for the great gift of truth and understanding. I thank God for the great gift of forgiveness and peace.

Love God first. Love our neighbor's and ourselves. -Week 23

Week 2: The two graces that deeply touched my heart this week, were expressed in one of my favorite hymns and I am sharing this with you. This stanza was taken from the hymn "Beneath the Cross of Jesus":

"Upon that cross of Jesus mind eyes at times can see
The very dying form of One Who suffered there for me;
And from my stricken heart with tears two wonders I confess;
The wonders of redeeming love and my own unworthiness."

By Elizabeth C. Elephant, 1868

God Blesses those who depend only on Him. Other words for "Blessed are the poor in spirit". I have been working towards depending on God, and even as I use these words it smacks of me wanting to be in control. This culture teaches control. If you don't have any, you are not worthy. So to carefully remove the backstops, the lifelong programming and to say, Jesus take control is hard for me. But I am grateful for today and for this time without handrails. I have learned much, seen much, and my feet are set on a different path. In the desert, the temptations are more real. And I strive to leave them behind. I know there is new life, but I tremble as I approach. -Week 22








This pic taken by my son in Haiti after the hurricane is my pic for week 5. Jesus stands in granite in the process of redeeming us firm in his commitment to us, while the world around us, a world he so graciously gave us, is ravished by our callousness, greed, and selfishness. Hope this helps you as it did me. RN

In the evening of life, you will be judged on Love alone. St John of the Cross

Why did Jesus choose fishermen? Fishermen go out each day and never know how much fish they will catch. Theirs is a patient profession. Theirs is a profession of waiting. Theirs is a profession of knowing the signs, good weather, bad weather. Theirs is a profession of getting caught in a bad storm and surviving or not. Theirs is a profession of being lost at sea and being found or not. Theirs is a profession of gratitude for a big catch. Theirs is a profession of gratitude  for a small catch. Theirs is a profession of no catch and beginning again tomorrow, hopeful. Theirs is a profession of hope. Theirs is a humble profession. They smell like the sea, but yet they are awaited on shore as providers of needed food. That is why He chose fishermen.

Week 24 is disturbing and difficult. When I looked at Fr. Pedro Arrupe's words, I knew I was in trouble.  I am guilty as one "drugged by the comforts of privilege; a silent beneficiary of the fruits of injustice".  If we live in North America and live comfortably in our warm, furnished, technology- filled homes, we are privileged. Much of what we own is manufactured in settings that we would call unjust. Even the food we eat reaches our tables through the exploitation of those poorer than ourselves. The corporations that make our clothing, goods and processed foods are guilty of unfair and dubious business practices.The little guy plods onward and a few CEO's amass huge salaries. Injustice is there. We are drugged by our comforts and easily can fall into the category of those who see that injustice exists, but rationalize that it's too rampant to do anything about it.
    It is paralyzing.  The hope that shines in my face, though,  is captured in the image of Christ as the one who knows why he's here and passionately engages in confronting injustice. I am inspired by the image of Christ as the one who " sees through hypocrisy and names it". I wish I could do that. I do shy away from conflict.  Maybe I'm so drugged by the comforts of privilege that I can hardly recognize injustice anymore.  I will start by recognizing my own complicity in injustice. I need to scrutinize my lifestyle and make some changes.

    This week I pray for more clarity. I pray for more courage. I pray for the freedom to become more Christ-like. I pray with everyone on this journey. May our prayers unite us in this journey. -Week 24

Please pray for me.
I have sat with Week 10 and with God. There is so much I wish to do, so much I have done for God and God's people. Now I am ill. I have had Lupus since I was 12. It has taken much from me. When I am not ill, I rush to do and work and overdo trying to get my work done. For the 1st time, because I am so blessed, I have been to ill to do anything. Week 10 has been a long 3 weeks as I began to see through God's eyes. I see a lot of "I's" and know that while I believe God has used me, I have also used God. It is through my work I sought to help but also sought my praise and my will. I worry that I am now not being ministered to as I worked to minister to others and I worried that I have no purpose. What can God do with me?

I now listen to God. I trust that God will use me as God wishes, that my purpose will be fulfilled, that even in my worst days, I am never alone or without hope. I am filled with Grace, hope, peace. I ask humbly for my worries to cease, my trust to grow. Truly, God's love and grace are all I need.

Healing has new meaning.

I consent and open to the presence and action of God and the Holy Spirit in me. Transform me. Do with me what you will. -Week 10

"In these or similar words" in Week 4 so touched me b/c it's the kind of honest straight-forward talking to God that I can relate to and where I identify with those exact feelings and emotions. Thank you. My Grace was my wife suggesting that we volunteer at out local elementary school to mentor reading one-to- one, for an hour. We're going b/c God has been shoving me in that direction for years! -Week 4
In the evening of life, you will be judged on Love alone.

St John of the Cross

If you err in haste, you will find yourself repenting at leisure.

Leaving home, leaving mother and being acknowledged and recognized by Father before beginning mission. I have been there. It is an exhilarating time, full of fear and resolve. Newness descending. Knowing you can't stay, being afraid to go. Going anyway, not knowing. Been through it myself and with one child. Preparing another child to leave the nest. I view it from this perspective. What did Mary do to prepare herself and Him for the moment. She was caring and nurturing, but she was ready to let go because she knew that she had to. It was part of the promise she made to God with her fiat. The only way to keep her promise was to let go. To prepare Him and then to let Him go.

Jesus left home and went to find His cousin. The cousin who had recognized Him when both were in the womb. He left home and His Mother, but He did not go off with strangers. He sought His cousin, who He knew already knew and who had been preparing the way for His ministry through his call for repentance. His cousin who had renounced the rewards of the world, and who had not usurped power. His cousin, who God had chosen to be the instrument of His Son's initiation to His earthly mission. Those who know you best can hurt you or help you. His fellow Nazareans failed to see that He was God's son. His cousin knew it before he was born. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Blessed be His holy mission.

We have to do what God wants, said Jesus to John after He asked to be baptized and John, knowing He was the Messiah, wondered if it should not be the other way. Jesus said, not now, we have to do it God's way. Obedience in large things and small. This is the way we should follow. -Week 19

I am new to this whole experience. Right now I am in a very tumultuous point in my life. This is my first day practicing this type of prayer and I already feel Gods presence in my life more strongly than I have. I feel almost a subtle warmth throughout my body that I cannot explain. As I look back in thoughtful meditation I see that God has been in my life every step of the way. Sometimes further in the background than I'd like to admit. It is very encouraging. I want to have that spiritual closeness with him again. I know that this is they way. I have to keep him as the constant background in my life. I am really looking forward to growing closer to him through out this spiritual exercise. Lent is a special time and I want to use this time to really connect and show gratitude. I want to rededicate my life to Christ and raise my son in his loving embrace. I want my son to know Christ. I just really want that relationship back. I don't want to forget how much Christ has truly done and sacrificed for me. I am truly grateful for this experience.

Excited to make a good Lent. I hope this on line retreat will help me. I remember how my parents loved me. -Week 1

The process of being created has been both painful and joyous in my life. Growing up in a tight-knit ethnic pious family brought a spiritual richness to my inner life. A relationship with Jesus became an important reality. I find it hard to reconcile this with the pain of the disease of alcoholism. I have learned that even the effects of that sadness and pain can be an expression of Jesus' love for me if I allow it to be.
My own addiction and recovery are daily expressions of His loving care for me and the desire to see me grow

God bless!

I am just completing my fourth week of this retreat. The first three weeks were made while I was away on a Carribean cruise and did not have access to a computer. The Lord has been sending me many blessings and I am so grateful for his love. I did not do well on my own the first weeks when “I” tried to look back on my own life by myself. But when I invited the Lord to walk with me through my childhood and the rest of my life, He showed me where He was present and working in my life. How He put people in my life that would invite and encourage me to draw closer to Him. How He waited quietly at my side when I strayed and was sinful, and continued to draw me back to Him. How in these last few years He has continued to draw me closer and is inviting me now to an even deeper relationship with Him.

The third week was easier. I have always been able to find and be close to God through the wonders of His creation. Thank you, Lord for the love with which you surround us. Help us to share your love with those around us who do not know you.

At the end of the third week, and in preparation for the 4th week, the Lord spoke to me through a meditation in my daily prayer book. It was a comfort for me to know that when we open our hearts to Him, He speaks to us in many different ways.

During the fourth week, I once again had difficulty trying to think of and make a list of people who inspire and show us the way to a balanced spiritual life. But when I invited the Lord to show me, He filled my thoughts with many of his Saints and also with people from my own parish, community, and country. I am finding that the secret to success for me in this retreat is to let Christ be the center and director of my thoughts. Thank you Lord for all the many blessings you send us. -Week 4

Blessings to all who are walking with me in this retreat. -Jeanette

It is difficult to not live your life for honor and glory. Even when the things we want are desirable and will bring good to others, we are secretly doing it to be loved. Even this fasting is to get God's attention and like the Pharisee say God see how better I am than he. I ask for your mercy O Lord, for me and my family. Even with my imperfect heart, imperfect will and imperfect prayer. Even with the weak muscle that is my offering to you, have mercy. -Week 20

This week 6 is difficult for me. I can enumerate the offenses I've committed and the omissions as well but more at a cerebral level. It's very hard going trying to get it to an emotional/gut level for me, let alone to a freeing and liberating of the soul that all this promises to deliver IF we can get to that gut level. Bob. -Week 6

God save us from hotheads that would lead us to act foolishly, and from cold feet that would keep us from acting at all. ~ Peter Marshall

This week(4) is going to be my hardest. I don't look to other people as possible examples of my life, balance, whatever you want to call it; and I've always taught my children to do the same. The reason, you never know what goes on under the cover of that book: what goes on at home! What you see/perceive, can only be the best of a person, shown only in public. Sins stay home.

Ps my role models Jesus and my mom, both servants. Bob N. -Week 4

Kindness has converted more sinners that zeal, eloquence or learning. ~ Frederick William Faber

This week is about letting go to attachments that are not of God. I know that I can walk away. I've done it before. But now, I return to them as a child to a favorite stuffed animal for comfort. I want to fly, to swim, but it is still hard to trust. Even as I know when I have let go, it has been good,for me and others. And now life has led me to a place with no handrails and I am busily searching for them. I struggle at 56 with the exact same things that I struggled with at 26. I am learning not to struggle but to,let go. It is not easy, but I am trying. -Week 18

Throughout this retreat, I have become more and more aware of how much I need to trust in Jesus, and how many times I fail to do so. Despite my limitations, my failures, my omissions, my imperfections, He is always there and I feel such love where I think I should feel only condemnation. I am so humbled, and so grateful. I want to love Him even more, to reflect Him more, to be like Him more, to glorify God more, for what else can I do when the response to constant disappointment on my account is love, mercy, and a call to be even closer?

I have been particularly touched by the readings this week. As Jesus says that He is the vine and we are the branches, He calls us to abide in Him. As I have gone through this retreat, I want this more and more deeply than I thought possible. I want so much to abide in Him, and to follow the call to love one another. I desperately need to do this, but I am not enough on my own. It is only by trusting in Jesus that I can do so. Much of my life is me trying to do it on my own: be better, be stronger, be more confident, be more trusting, and just be more.

But that is not the point, and that is not what we are called to do. We are called to do all things through Jesus, by abiding in Him. This particularly stood out to me in the other reading for this week where Jesus says "Why do you keep on saying that I am your Lord, when you refuse to do what I say?" This reading from Luke was particularly powerful. How often do I pay lip-service, but don't abide in Jesus or do what He says? I fail when I rely on me. This is incredibly hard for me to say. I am incredibly proud, and have always been quite boastful. What I have learned in this retreat is that I am nothing without Jesus. I always thought it would be weakness to say that I needed help.

Now I see so clearly that Jesus knows exactly what I need, knows our challenges, knows our conflict, and knows that we need Him. In finally humbling-up and admitting that I need Jesus' help to be successful, I feel even more freedom, love, and hope than ever before. Jesus, I trust in You. -Week 22

Lord let this day give you praise! I am struggling to stay focused on You Lord. I can easily get caught up in my plans, and leave thoughts of doing your will behind. I hope not to do that. I need to remember that You are not calling me to do grand projects, but to do Your will in small ways, day by day, with the people who cross my path. Help me to be better focused on those opportunities. -Week 12

This week we contemplate the humans that were chosen by God to prepare the way for His Son. The spectacular and unbelievable promise of the ages. The deliverance of the human race. I think about Zechariah, a priest, a holy man faithful to God, yet not understanding that in his faithfulness, he has no son, no heir. How could this be? I have followed Your precepts, Lord, but my wife is barren and now too old. I believe in you and trust you, but how could this be? I think about Elizabeth, faithful to her husband, her church and her community, always giving, always helping, but no heir of her own. No gift for her husband. How could this be, but she perseveres. She serves God always. I think of Joseph, a young devout man, hoping to honor his family in the way of his forebears. He knows a beautiful girl. He wants to marry her, he has proposed. He is hopeful of a life that honors all that he is called to be. I think of Mary, young, hopeful because she has attracted the attention of a kind and devout young man. He wants to marry her. She has said yes to him. She can see her future.

The message of today is to trust that God knows where you are and what you need. He knows and understands your doubts and the impossibility of your situation. He sees your sins, but He sees your doubts and your struggles and He loves you in spite of it all. He is working out your path, if you but trust and know that "Nothing is impossible for Him." What are we to do, they asked the Baptist, and the answer was "stay where you are and do what is required in this moment." Nothing more, nothing less. The rest, your future, your children, your marriage, your life is to be trusted to Him.

Thinking about the four...Zechariah, my wife is pregnant, how can this be, God has smiled on me, I am so,overwhelmed I cannot speak. There are no words, Elizabeth...I am pregnant, at last...finally I can hold my head up among women, finally the gift of a child is mine, finally a gift for my husband, a son. Joseph....I love her but she is pregnant, how can this be? Mary, I said yes to Gabriel and now wonder of wonders, I am to bear the Special One into this world, this violent, unpredictable world, "be It done to me, according to Your Will."

Nothing is impossible for God said Elizabeth as she, pregnant in her old age greets her young cousin, conceived by the Holy Spirit in her innocence. Nothing is impossible for God said old Zechariah as the love of his life, of his youth, of his middle of his old age is pregnant with his son. Nothing is impossible for God said Joseph as he wakes from his dream reassured by the Angel that he has not been deceived, but chosen to carry on a great work of the protection of the most precious mother and child that the world has ever known. Nothing is impossible for God said the humble and believing Mary whose Yes was to reverberate throughout the ages. Nothing is impossible for God!

So Zechariah obeyed and his mouth was opened and his wife Elizabeth safely delivered his son, who he consented would be named John and who would grow into a wild and wooly man of the desert with the Advent prayer on his lips, Prepare the Way of the Lord! So Joseph obeyed and he quietly married Mary on advice of the Angel, despite his doubts and became the protector of the Most Precious Mother and Child who would fulfill the promise of the ages. -Week 14


Our family is not as the paintings of old. It is messy and sometimes troubled; however, there have also been times of sublime joy as when our children are born, a dance recital, a graduation, a vacation, a trip back home, or even a reunion. But also we have suffered: through deaths, illness, disappointments, divorce, and other losses.
I hope on this day we remember only the joyous things that bind us as family, not a legal family of blood but one of trust, love, and a bond that is forever inexplicable. Let us this day forget and forgive the past. Let us overlook all the "little things", those hurts, unfulfilled expectations, and failures in relationships and instead, concentrate on just loving one another "as we are now" with all our warts , scars, and defects. After all, we are all blessed to be good and holy people in the eyes of God. We are each His favorites, just as we stand here now! So today let us try to see the person God sees in each of us as we celebrate and remember the Holy Family.  I would like that. 

Joseph asked me to travel with them to Bethlehem.  He was worried that the baby might come and he would need help.  I walked the dusty roads beside the donkey that carried Mary.   I entered the stable with them when we could find no other shelter.   Thankfully, it was warm with the heat from the animals and the sweet-smelling hay rustled as they moved about.  Mary went into labor that night and I witnessed her baby come into the world.  What indescribable joy!  Later I held him while Mary slept. -Judy

I am particularly struggling with the concepts of week 5.   Here are some of my obstructions to taking this week fully onboard:
1) My older brother was a US Marine in Vietnam and I myself have traveled the world and lived in several foreign countries.  I have spent time in Bosnia-Herzegovina, West Africa, Russia, South East Asia, UK and the Middle East.  I know that our Christian ideas of fairness are not core teachings of some cultures.  I have witnessed the unjust nature of radical Islam.  I have seen the ruin which communism brings to people and their sprit.  I have experienced the selfishness and corruption of tribalism.  Most of all, I am sickened by humanism which seems to be fostered by socialism in Europe.   In other words, there are evil people in this world and these people will destroy the good if given the chance.  Surely God has not only charged us with being good, has he not also charged the strong with protecting what is good?   War is a horrible thing but is it better to be a pacifist and let evil destroy good?   I am not sure it is so simple as saying the US should not have been involved in Guatemala or Vietnam.  Communism and its anti-religious directives are soul destroying and evil.   Would it be right for the US to have let this evil take over country after country while we did nothing?   The Bosnian war was a war of Muslims against Christians with both groups committing atrocities.   However, would it have been right to let Islam take over Christianity without any defense?    

2)  I have for many years wrestled with the thought – hate the sin, love the sinner and I can now accept this idea and hopefully practice it.   I believe the ideas of this week are similar but much more difficult to practice.  To think about sin honestly but not be negative about it?   This is much harder.   It is said that God reveals himself to little children – his teachings are simple for the innocent but they confound the wicked.   Is it my wickedness that makes this weeks concept so hard to practice?   

3) I am certainly one of those who has secretly hoped that my guilt would bring God’s pity.  The idea that this belief is selfish and misguided is not new to me.   I am encouraged to see this thought brought into the light this week.  I know I will benefit from it and I appreciate the work that has been done to help me with this. -Week 5

I am on week 14 of this wonderful retreat.   I have  learned many things along the way and I hope they are somehow helpful to others.  First the knowledge that no matter what happens or what I do, I can return with confidence to the knowledge that God loves me unconditionally.  This has allowed me to climb to new levels of closeness and trust in our Lord.   Secondly, I have finally experienced after nearly 40 years of striving what it means to turn my problems over to God.  I have an addiction to a sin which I despise and have believed I could avoid through self determination and some prayer.  With this retreat, I have learned that the only way to avoid this sin is by daily striving to know God better.  With this regular prayer and study, the Lord truly carries me and protects me from my weaknesses.   By directing my determination to stay close to God, I am achieving what was previously unacheivable and I feel myself growing ever closer to our loving Father.   Thank you merciful and loving God and thank you all for your prayers for me.  I am praying for each of you. -Week 14

Since I began this retreat my life has been completely changed.  Not because of the wonderful solace and understanding I have found here but more so because our 24 year old daughter has been diagnosed with what appears to be an incurable form of cancer.  She has gone from what we thought was a healthy, vibrant person to someone on death’s door in the space of 4 months.   As I read “For the Journey” for week 16, I cannot help but ask Mary’s question – Why?   I have not lost any faith in our Lord and I know his plan is infinitely wiser and better than mine but it is hard not having the knowledge yet as to Why our daughter must go through this.  Why not me instead of her?  We are praying for a miracle.  Now it seems only a miracle can save her earthly life.   My wife and I have taken our children to mass every Sunday of their adolescent lives and attempted to teach them about the comfort and love that comes from our faith.  I feel we didn’t do a great job in this endeavor.  Only one of our 4 children attends church and our ill daughter rejected the faith with a vengeance as a teenager.   If she loses her life on earth now, I wish I could somehow gain for her the comfort that I have found from our faith but I am scared to broach the subject with her for fear it won’t be the lovely experience I want it be for her.   So many conflicting feelings.  Please pray for her and pray for our family. May God bless each of you. -Week 16

The Holy Family suffered. They experienced danger from powerful sources. They experienced the fear of the unknown. But they kept to the path, even when they did not know or understand the full plan. They trusted God and His unfolding plan. God grant me the grace to trust your unfolding plan for me and my family. -Week 16

I have a lot of trouble with the visualizing of scenes etc. but when I was trying and failing miserably at trying to imagine Jesus' feeling at leaving home and the baptizing, I got a feeling of actually going ankle deep in  the Jordan  and hearing the Negro Spiritual  " Wade in the Water".    This is probably as good as it is going to get for me but I found it a profound experience. Thank you for retreat on line. -Freda -Week 19

Hi I’m Larry, a Businessman and Entrepreneur from the Philippines.
I imagined the carpenter’s son for 17 years leave Nazareth his home with Mary and Joseph to move on to anointed Messiah. Wow! What a transition from a carpenter’s son running his own business having been apprenticed by Joseph learning the  skill of the trade so that he gains the respect of the townspeople in Nazareth, Jesus the entrepreneur moves on to what he senses is God’s call. Tender Timidity. And what a transition. In this transition I see my own life at 70 starting anew. I too am an entrepreneur feeling called to help other Filipino entrepreneurs become the version of themselves. Just like Jesus at the river Jordan. I wade out to the marketplace to scale up my start up real estate business.Jesus help me know and write down my Why, the Vision and Mission of the company. Holy Spirit give me the wisdom, guidance and clarity to step out and follow the footsteps of Jesus.

The choice for today is not to plan, but to surrender. It is difficult. I look for patterns. It is safe for me. I am a bit accident prone, so I look for ways to keep me safe. I also know the beauty of discovery. Of meeting something good that is totally unplanned and undiscovered. I thank God for all the gift moments, the totally unplanned events and people and places that hastened to give me peace, comfort and protection. I also thank God for the handrails. For placing people and things that I could lean on when totally scared. I thank God for encouragements to let go. So I can swim and so I can fly.
The poverty, dishonor and humility of this week turned into fullness, hope and encouragement. I had no hand in it. God reached out and healed me. I am grateful. -Week 17

It's becoming hard for me to move on from an insight that I had re: a crossroads 10 years ago to the date. That day changed my life completely. I prayed before some serious spine surgery by the chief of Neurosurgery ay my University hospital. I "let go, let God" that day. He operated on the wrong side injuring my nerves further. I went from partially disabled to progressive and total disability. I legs are almost completely paralyzed. Being an orthopaedic surgeon myself doesn't help. 
Today I realized that I hated God for that and have ignored Him ever since, calling it: agnosticism. I started praying again at Thanksgiving. During this retreat I uncovered this event with all the emotions attached. For ten years I have forgiven the surgeon, putting it behind me - till now. I feel like I have to hate God for not answering that prayer. Why put myself in His hands if the result was not changed one iota? RN
OmIf you don't firmly program your children's minds with truth, someone else will do so with half-truth, untruth, and unimportant truth. ~ Anonymous

Today we are to review. As I look upon the lessons of the hidden life, I see a family that was threatened by much, by power, by exile, by not fully knowing, but a family that kept to the path and said Yes to the Almighty every time. As I think about poverty, dishonor and humility, I see a family who suffered that through the hidden and revealed years, but kept to God's path, their sense of fulfilling the Living Word in this life, as they moved towards Everlasting Life always their destination and their goal. -Week 17

I started this retreat at the urging of my Spiritual Director whom I had just begun to see in August of last year. I was beginning week 10 in December and found that I was a little burned out and needed a break from the retreat for a short period of time. I was diagnosed with Neuropathy almost 13 years ago. It is a very painful disease for which there is no cure and no real treatment. It affects the hands and feet and for those of you who have it know it is a disease common in diabetics. I however, am not a diabetic but according to my doctors have one of the most severe cases they have seen. I have been to several different Neurologists and after every test imaginable, none of them can tell me why I have it. I also have an ulcer on the bottom of my left foot that will not heal. Ten years ago I had what should have been a simple surgery on my foot but instead it turned into a nightmare. After two surgeries, the bone structure in my foot collapsed, which is called Charcot Foot and is also common in diabetics. Once again, I am not a diabetic. I have been tested many times with the same conclusion….not a diabetic. So once again, my doctors were baffled. The ulcer that developed on the bottom of my foot is something that usually occurs in… you guessed it, diabetics. I have had more skin graphs than I can count that failed, more bone removed from my foot to the point where there is not a lot left in there and so many other failed procedures that I became very discouraged and a little angry at God. I have spent the last ten years 90% of the time confined to a wheelchair. I had an injury to my back which requires surgery, but I have decided to put off the surgery for a while. A little over a year ago I was finally forced to quit my job and file for disability. I was approved within a month of filing which is basically unheard of. I have worked since I was 15; I am now 52 and I found myself sometimes feeling depressed and no longer knew what my purpose was. I was feeling resentful and bitter because of my situation.
At the urging of my Spiritual Director, I began this retreat and have already learned a lot about myself, about forgiveness and about God’s love. Also, my Spiritual Director has been urging me to share which I find that difficult to do. He feels there could be others out there who need to hear my story because they may be going through a similar situation and knowing they are not alone could help in some way.
Today I picked up my laptop to start back up doing the retreat after a longer than expected break. Two weeks ago my brother in law had a heart attack. Had it happened a day earlier, he would not be here, he would have been alone in a hotel room having been on a business trip. My sister saved his life by doing CPR while waiting on the paramedics to get to their house. Within the next day and a half, he coded two more times. Fortunately, the doctors were able to get him back both times. He was moved out of ICU yesterday and it looks like he is going to make a full recovery. I have seen what the power of prayer can do over these past two weeks. The outpouring of love and prayers from family and friend has been remarkable. Praise God!

I've been struggling with some health issues for over the past year and a half.  I’m almost 24 years old and wish I could finish my education and start working like the majority of others my age…But I spend most of my days at home because anything too mentally or physically taxing wears me out.  I’ve struggled a lot with my purpose in life, especially during this desert season that I'm going through.  It was refreshing to read the guide for week 3 and to understand that even though my life isn’t following the path that I had planned, I still have a unique job - and that is to praise God, to grow in my love for Him, and to be in His service.  As long as I’m mindful of these things and living close to God, I am fulfilling God’s purpose for my life as He intended.  It’s actually a simple truth and very powerful!  One way that I want to praise God is to love myself exactly as I am, the way He created me.  Along this journey with my health, there are many days that I don't like who I see in the mirror and am overly critical of myself.  I want to be more grateful to God for all the wonderful blessings He has given me and focus less on the negative things.  Of course it's all easier said than done…but I’m praying that I can really grow closer to God and honor Him by loving the person He created me to be - flaws and health struggles and all. -Week 3

I had a dream this week (Week 9) where the Lord, in the guise of my spiritual advisor, gently kissed my forehead and let me know that I was loved unconditionally. I didn't need to do anything to earn his love. He didn't need anything from me to be happy or well. We just sat together in mutual enjoyment of each other.
This perfectly captures this week, and it fed my soul. I found myself spontaneously saying the words of the Psalm mentioned this week: "What return can I make to the Lord for his goodness to me?"
Michele -Week 9

In 2011 I was a very rotten fellow, the devil had me consumed with drug addiction, my mother passed away in February of 2011 i was not clean at the time. in the months following her death i began to have a lot of pain in my right foot, went to the doctor and found to have bone tumors within my foot. in November of 2011 i had surgery on my foot, it was at this moment in time in my life that god spoke to me, i was still using drugs and god said to me, you have this surgery and you will be off of work for two weeks…. now is the time to change your life for the better, i woke up early in the morning, still dark outside and i went for a walk up my street with my boot on from surgery and i said god i don’t know how i am going to get through this, but i promise you i will never give up, and at that moment there was a BRIGHT shooting start in the sky, and from that moment onward i have remained clean and glory be to god forevermore. god used a sickness within me to heal me, i want everyone to know that the lord is a living god and he is the same yesterday the same today and the same forevermore.

Wow week 4. I saw it clearly this morning what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me but I havent had the words for. Then reading what Ignatius said about when my desire and choices moves in the direction of self absorbtion - i know I am out of balance. Love it. So helpful. I can see that God has been teaching me this but these words 'sunk' it into my heart with clarity.
Sheryl :) -Week 4

O God I want so to belong.
This prayer spoke into one of two direct issues of my heart. Finding a community of faith is a challenge for me. These words were helpful. 'I want to be close, teach me to reach out'.
Knowing which direction to go regarding the second half of my life - counselling or spiritual direction training. This will perhaps unfold as I let go.
Sheryl :) -Week 4

This week is about saying YES to Jesus. Yes to following Him and seeking the Father's will. At first in our inner circle of family and close friends and associates, and then in the wider circle of community. -Week 11

I will start to do this retreat next week. I will be happy to share with other .

I made it half way thru two years ago starting during a sabbatical. This year I will try by following the practices as designed for the year.


Peace and Good,

Hi. I'm Neil. Shared this Online retreat with my late sister, Teresa, several years back.

What great graces flowed. Gave me the strength to help struggle with her through her three years
in a Nursing Home as she was slowly dying from cancer.

Started Week 1 this past Sunday. Wow !!!

All For The Greater Glory Of God. All Thanks To God.
God love you, "brother" neil -Week 1

Not very familiar with this computer sharing. Wonderful that Aussies and Americans and all over can share the presence of a saving God at the same time yet so far apart.
Just finished second week. First week became very depressing. At seventy seven much of the memories were about being given so many blessings and stuffing them up .
The second week however led me into forgetting the past. The God of love is continually forming us and a new creation can emerge even at seventy seven.The past is a barrier to me but not to God. I don’t know what will eventuate but it is kind of exciting to not know, yet be confident that God gives goodness , holiness and life no matter what age.
Looking forward to the rest of the Retreat
Love to all
Denis -Week 2

As I begin Week 6, in prayer I realize that I have spent too much time steeped in sin and little time in God's Mercy, Love and Grace. As I begin knowing my true self with God's help, I consent and open to this amazing grace of God's mercy and love. May I forgive myself as God forgives me so I may forgive others and move from living in shame to living in freedom. I am truly blessed. God loves me, a sinner! -Week 6

This is Week Ten and the dialogue has turned to love. How to love? To be with, to experience, to accompany on the journey. In this time of transformation, in this time of heading down a road where the destination is unknown, I am challenged to just be and to listen and love those I encounter. All of them, to the best of my ability. I ask God to accompany and to give me the wisdom and courage to know and follow His will. -Week 10

I’m just finishing week 10…been here for a bit trying to make sense of “ the call…my call”. The first entry under this week’s sharing really spoke to me as our histories are so similar. I’ve been uncomfortable in that , as I read people’s entries, I haven’t felt the type of strong emotion that so many describe. Have been praying about what I perceived as a failure to respond to all the love that has been lavished on me. Finally came the realization that I’ve been making this all about ME and, in reality, it’s all about Jesus!!! What a gift that realization is! As is that 1st entry under week 10. Finally grasped that God sends what we need when we’re ready for it. Thanks be to God!. My prayers can now open to include all you others who are making this journey and are so generously sharing the trip. -Week 10

Each of my weeks in this retreat have been at least a week but usually longer. I found the retreat and started it early and I find the exercises I begin weekly continue throughout the retreat, at least they have so far: the retreat is becoming my life, a story of me and the world around me and how God is in both.I write this in my week 5. It began with Paris. The shootings, bombings, the needless loss of life that I think of immediately upon hearing or reading the name of that beautiful city. I didn't have to imagine the horror sin brings us all as it is on my television, my newspapers, on the lips of all. Evil and what to do about it. Yet hasn't this been the case from the beginning of civilization? Haven't we history from which to learn? Don't we always repeat the same reactions? Don't we always ignore what God teaches? Don't we react exactly the way Jesus didn't? We seem to react without thought go to the words of Jesus, His life, the way of Jesus. We react with hatred, anger, from a place of evil: revenge. I am sad. Then I hear the words of a letter to the killers from a victim's husband on his own behalf and that of their infant son. He forgives. He will not hate. He writes of a God who weeps, of a son who will grow in freedom and love. Through his words, I see Jesus on the cross so clearly, yes! Even in this dark hour, I needn't imagine Jesus on the cross. He shows himself to all who hear the words of this letter, who see the bounty of flowers at the memorials, who hear the piano player in the streets and in those who ignore curfews to gather in love, remembrance and peace. If we would all just breathe, feel our pain, ask for God's help and be still. Listen. React in ways different from all past cultures, civilizations, from the way we always react, not out of anger but out of love. Agape. That love with which Jesus died for us, forgave the thief, forgave his murderers, forgives us. Lord, teach me to love as you love, to forgive as you forgive. Might we be transformed through your death to react as you'd react so good may come of this rather than more evil. Do with me what you will. Thanksgivings for this retreat. Peace upon us all. -Week 5

For 3 weeks now this deep longing for 'home' has been coming up to my conscious mind. I have also had a deep drawing to reading a couple of books on loving yourself - aligning yourself with how God sees you. Little did I know the Holy Spirit was brooding over me - gathering me under God's wings to prepare me for a great receiving of grace. I don't have a parental home to go to so it is not a longing for home in that sense.

However as I read the first reading - Accepting Acceptance it dawned on me that 'home' is a place where ideally, you go and you are loved and accepted just as you are. Where you are able to be your 'true self' with no persona's. Where you relax into the rhythm of your parents love relationship and are fed and nurtured just by being around that love. It spills over to you because you are the result of that love. You are in many ways the recipient of their love for each other as well.

As i ponder this - the Holy Spirit has done a deep work in my heart. I never realised to the level this surgery of God went to, that I didn't accept myself. My true self. I had developed a persona. All children do I guess in varying degrees - depending on how freely they were loved and accepted when growing. So here is to the journey of discovery. Who I was made to be brought into the light - to live in His love and acceptance.

ps...i also was given this insight about being with difficult people in my life. It was spoken to me like this 'When you look upon someone who causes you to recoil from them, remember that they were once little children. They have been written on just as you have. They are not what you see presented right here right now. See the child and you will give them the dignity of at the least respect as a fellow human and at the best - love and acceptance of which you need as well. -Sheryl

For 23 years I prayed for healing for our daughter who suffered from severe mental illness. She took her life in September. So I see healing in a new light. It can be expressed in many ways of course but the new way for me is that healing can be a goal -Week 9

Feeling the healing, it began with the acceptance of the problem. Then acceptance of the cure. Then belief in healing. Now slowly, I am being restored. In more than one realm, the healing is simultaneous in mind body and soul. But so necessary is my cooperation. Healing cannot be forced. It is renewal from within. -Week 9

There is a song I was reminded of this week based on the passage from Hosea 14. It’s called "Comfort Ye My People” by a group called Lamb. you can listen to it on you tube. I share it in case others might find comfort in music like I do. Just having this song running through my head all week helped me think about God’s mercy. I think God’s kindness and mercy is why I love him so much! I didn’t receive much mercy as a child and every time I read how Jesus forgave or healed or did not condemn it causes me to weep. I was particularly struck by the words from “For the Journey, God came to save us not to solve us.” What comfort that is! -Week 8

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I begin Week Nine on November 9th, 2015, on the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica. The readings have instilled in me a desire to fashion a spiritual "Whip of Cords" to drive out the evils from my soul. I hope to join all of you and "Gather at the River" the Beautiful, Beautiful River.
As I began my Morning Prayers and Offerings today, I came upon Pope Francis giving a Homily at the Lateran Basilica several years ago, as he began by saying it was his first at his Cathedral. It happened to be on the occasion of Divine Mercy Sunday. This reconfirmed for me the healing power of the Lord. and the beautiful song "You are Mine" filled my heart.
I feel so full of joy today. My prayers throughout the week will be for all of you my fellow Brothers and Sisters on Retreat.
Love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Frank, California -Week 9

As I do this retreat I ralized thaht Jesus has frgiven me a sinner and will help me live a life with him.

Lord Jesus, I have felt your forgiveness as a surge of newness entered my life this week. Your love alone produced the accomplishments and the opportunities. Help me to be a good steward. Help me to use all your gifts wisely. Amen. -Week 8

As I review the patterns of my without grace moments, His Grace is sufficient for me. His power is made perfect in weakness. So much protection for my restless heart. So much protection as I looked for better and found worse. So much protection as I wandered far off the road. So much protection as I sought love in all the wrong places. I am now seeking stillness, awareness, becoming, slowly. -Week 7

From my youth I have been fearful and self protective. Whatever the cause, through these past weeks I've come to recognize patterns that have developed out of that fear. I remembered seeing a list of the Seven Deadly Sins and was surprised to be drawn to examine the sin of pride with its subcategories of irreverence (use of piety for personal advantage), presumption (dependence on self & neglect of means of grace), distrust (cowardice & surrender to gloom), impenitence (refusal to accept God's mercy), and vanity (use of false humility to engender praise). Quite a list, but with the loving help of God and a spiritual director I am learning to more deeply experience Jesus' love for me and how impossible life would be without His presence in my heart. My sin is not my problem. Jesus has taken care of that. I do have a problem though accepting the total freedom of being forgiven. I believe. Lord help my unbelief.

This week we are to look at personal sin, but we are also to look at the cross and to look at God's mercy. He has not destroyed me, so I have experienced his forgiveness and grace. I yearn for the road back, which I was sure I was on until being tested once again, I failed. So I am here. In need of mercy once more. God, give me the strength to love. -Week 6

Where are you going with this, this Creighton retreat, Lord? evil in the world, evil within. look at it. really look. in the context of Jesus nailing it all ... all of it... to the cross. but a sense of a thin, hazy pattern emerges... connecting them all, my sins, the world's, the cross. the one righteous act of one man changing it all, connecting all the dots. on the cross. and it isn't guilt I feel, not this tiime. it is comfort, comfort in the pattern that encompasses it all, and anchors the disorder within and without on Calvary. giving the assurances, the hope of redemption despite our sins, and because now that we see, we are missioned to try in our own inadequacy to live in a way that diminishes the evil, however minutely, by the undeserved grace of ... one righteous act, of our Lord. -Week 5

I found something beautiful on the Internet as I began a bit late reading the Preparations for Week Six. It is a You Tube Video Documentary (Parts I and II) narrated by the Actor Martin Sheen on the Life of Saint Paul of the Cross, Founder of the Passionist Order. It brought back memories for me of my days in Zaragoza Spain, when I lived next to a Passionists Monastery and met a Holy Priest named Father Pablo. It also brought memories of my retreat last Easter at Christ the King Retreat Center, a Passionist Hermitage in downtown Sacramento (Citrus Heights Suberb actually) California. My point being that the Cross of Jesus and His Passion really made it easy for me to focus on my sins without despair, but with real shame.
I'll try to remember all of us this week, as we share the Online Retreat. -Week 6

I am a Catholic convert, have been Catholic four years now. A tremendous grace was to examine my life, confess all those "big sins," receive absolution, and move on. When I started Week 7 of the retreat yesterday, my first impression was "I have to revisit all this again?" This morning in prayer I realized that was not enough, I have to change my thought patterns and behaviors, recognize the many ways I still fail to praise, revere, and serve God. In some ways this is even harder. -Judy -Week 7

I am also doing the retreat alone and without a spiritual director. For those of you who have shared and wondered if anyone ever reads the posts or if your post had an impact, I have read them and yes, they have had an impact. I have felt so discouraged at times, and week 6 is a hard week. Knowing that many of you have experienced the same things that I have gone/am going through has made a tremendous difference and has given me the encouragement I needed. Thank you, and God bless you! -Week 6

Today I understand that the disorder of sin is rooted in the thought that we do not need God. That somehow we are independent of Him. We have the right to choose, but when we don't choose His way, it is much harder. He shows His mercy when we choose other than Him. When we follow our whims, fancies, wants, desires, that we know are not His way. He understands our weakness, our need for closeness that sends us looking for love in all the wrong places, that makes us feel that we are always in competition with others and that we always have to be seen as better or the best. He understands the deepness of those wounds that are at the root of those sins. -Week 5

I am taking this retreat to help me adjust to my recovery from bladder cancer. I am a Deacon for the last 39 years. I hope to get help in my life. -Al

Previous weeks have focused on God’s presence in my life, and the goodness of creation. I had not looked ahead to see what week 5 would cover and so was surprised by the topic of sin. I am no stranger to sin. Thank God for the Sacrament of Penance. If I truly believe that I am forgiven then I should not see misfortune today as retribution for sins past. It has not been difficult to contemplate this week on the horror of what some human beings can do to other human beings. Modern media brings it to our immediate attention. We can bury our heads in the sand. Or we can face it and try to do something to alleviate suffering.

When someone else’s sin hurts me, as it has done this past month, I have tried to forgive, to understand. I had willingly put myself at risk by trying to help this person, by taking her in through a church sponsored charity, and she robbed me of money and of irreplaceable personal possessions of sentimental value. But I am stuck in a moral dilemma because the law allows me to prosecute—to seek justice. If I succeed in this legal matter the person who hurt me will suffer, and her baby girl will suffer as a result. Jesus suffered for all our sins, I know; the ones I committed yesterday, today and tomorrow. I don’t want to cause suffering. On the other hand I don’t want her to continue to think she can get away with her deceitful, sinful behavior.Not long ago I witnessed the suffering of my dear uncle, childless himself, when he was abused and robbed by the granddaughter of his long-time companion. He loved the girl as his own and wanted to help her. But she robbed him of everything he owned and bankrupted him. I accompanied him through the proceedings and took him in. She was desperate, poor, and without an income of her own; she continued to hound him until I found a place for him to live out his remaining days. When he died, I tried to reach her with the news. I fought for the insurance so I could pay his funeral costs, but I took it from her. She never asked where he was buried. Sins, small and large, cause suffering. I am looking forward to redemption, surely we will spend a few upcoming weeks on that! -Week 5

As I continue in this fifth week I realize how "little" my own world is and how I have allowed myself to not see the entire picture. This morning I pray that my eyes will become more and more open to the needs of those around me. -Linda -Week 5

Thank you for this retreat. I have never done one online although I have participated in and led several. I am a type A personality, but I am always blessed when I am reminded to not think or try or strive (which is so hard for me). Whenever I just go along at a simple, easy pace, I find that God meets me where I am. I don’t have to run, crawl or grovel. He is so loving to meet me where I am and gently guide me – a marvelous way to live. -Mary

Becoming one's true self. Knowing that I am chosen exactly as I am. Listening for ways to express that on this earthly journey. -Week 4

As a recovering alcoholic who has, by the grace of God, been dry for 35 years, I happily discovered in the early days of my recovery that although I thought I was alone and unique in my life struggles, that was not true. My fellow alcoholics stories were just “versions” of my own. I am trying to learn the same lesson with regard to the spiritual “drunkenness” in which I have spent so much of my life. I am NOT different. I deal with “versions” of the same temptations, frustrations, and feelings that everyone else does. We are truly a “Band of Brothers” in God’s army.

One of the most terrifying situations a soldier can find himself in on the battlefield is that of being separated from his platoon, his company, unable to see that there is a foxhole hiding a fellow soldier only a few yards away. That is where I am in my spiritual war. I know I have a “Commanding Officer” somewhere, but it’s hard to lean on him when I can’t see or hear him. What I need is assurance that I have, close by me, a brother who wears the same uniform, has the same mission, and is feeling his own version of what I am feeling.

I hope to find, through other’s sharing, some of that assurance. I’m only in the second week of this retreat. I need help and support to continue this battle. Don C. -Week 2

It is painful to recall some of my childhood memories, but being here today tells me that my Lord was with me all this time and I didn't even know it.

On Week Four, the meditation that has come though again and again is that God loves me as I am and that I am called to be better, to be whole in the context of who He has created me to be. -Week 4
I been working on ‘WEEK ONE” FOR A MONTH:) This morning I utubed Gregorian chant music and listened and prayed and remembered even more “snapshots” of my very early life. At age 5 I remember , in the “new house,” I played marbles in the concrete sand, really next to it. I was in first grade as now I realize I was to be out of the house so parents could pay for the new house. I remember playing marbles, not with Jesus ‘cause I didn’t want to beat Him and make Him sad; I played with Mary and beat her. -Week 1

Good Morning. It's just after 11am here in a monastery in the south of England, U.K., where I come once a month and set before myself a chapter of your book, Retreat in the Real World, which adds up to my being on this particular retreat for nearly three years. I have to admit that when I get back into my parish, most of it feels as though it 'goes out the window' as I am absorbed into the problems and activities there. But saying that, I have found it a very rewarding experience. The 'Stable meditation' in the review after week 16, I used as a meditation on Christmas night which was really well received by the people. The Retreat has helped to give me a great deal in a healthy and a very positive way. Early on in my ministry I was a great devotee of Fr. John Powell S.J and Fr. Anthony de Mello S.J. They have and still are a great influence in my life. I mention this because I can sometimes sense them in the Retreat.
I have not finished yet, but I did want to say 'thank you'. I have recommended the book to a number of people.
God bless you all in this special ministry.
Father J

This week. Week Three. I noticed the incredible blood moon, the grey skies and cold October rain, St. Theresa's holiness in the ordinary of life, guardian angels protecting, placing themselves between us and danger, beginning to understand that being my true self, the self I was created to be completely and without reservation is the journey that I am on. -Week 3

I'm led into this weeks reflection on indifference and service from the third week's image of the vision of grandeur of God's creation. That vision is revealed only when I dare stand at the edge of the precipice, in trust and faith. -Week 3

I’m just beginning the first week. Unlike many here, I’m new to everything to do with “religion,” but have felt called, over the past few months, and especially over the past week as I watched the Pope’s every move, to finally begin taking my intuitive “yearnings” seriously. As I looked back on my life I saw the hand of God everywhere. Things I “dreamt” materialized, and I was led as if by an invisible guide, through all the triumphs and trials of my life. I am trying to trust that guidance more, and to understand that if I do, I will find far more peace. Of late, I’ve been in a rather wonderful “fog” that will not allow me to worry or turn solely to “logic” to solve problems or just face the world each day—I think that has something to do with having reached the age of 63 and being retired. I can let go and do what I’m “told,” so to speak. And it is a remarkable adventure. Looking back and my life has made this a lot easier for me to accept. I used to fight so hard to figure everything out. Now, I just listen and obey more. I look forward to seeing where that takes me. This is a remarkable new “adventure.” -Week 1

I'm just getting started on Week 1. I think I understand the thought assignment but I don't have a lot of memories of myself as a child. Then as a pre-teen and teen so many memories are colored by divorce, family violence, and alcoholism. How do I identify "grace"? Is anything remembered grace? -Week 1

I completed week 1 and now Thurs of week 2 just starting it. I found it very difficult to begin it. Want I really want is to share this retreat with people in person. I am struggling with an unhappy marriage due to alcohol .I’m trying very hard to deal with my husbands addiction .I’m trying to find ways to grow spiritual and therefore be able to cope with my problems. I really enjoyed the first week as I knew that God has been with me on the many challenges I have met. The present one is my biggest and I have been able to cope until the last 6mos. I know God is there because I wouldn’t have been able to come this far. Ps.23 spoke to me today so hopefully it will start me on the right path. Please pray for me as I will you as we make this journey together GOD BLESS .I am so pleased I found this retreat on line Thank you for opening it up to all of us. -Week 2

This week I feel God in the overflowing love and the fear I had for life as a younger person.
There is so much love and gratitude particularly to our family members that we cannot express and this week I felt God’s presence between the spaces and the everydayness of life where you can’t always remember to be thankful. I can draw from this well as it is always there.
Thank you. -Week 2

I’m just beginning the first week. Unlike many here, I’m new to everything to do with “religion,” but have felt called, over the past few months, and especially over the past week as I watched the Pope’s every move, to finally begin taking my intuitive “yearnings” seriously. As I looked back on my life I saw the hand of God everywhere. Things I “dreamt” materialized, and I was led as if by an invisible guide, through all the triumphs and trials of my life. I am trying to trust that guidance more, and to understand that if I do, I will find far more peace. Of late, I’ve been in a rather wonderful “fog” that will not allow me to worry or turn solely to “logic” to solve problems or just face the world each day—I think that has something to do with having reached the age of 63 and being retired. I can let go and do what I’m “told,” so to speak. And it is a remarkable adventure. Looking back and my life has made this a lot easier for me to accept. I used to fight so hard to figure everything out. Now, I just listen and obey more. I look forward to seeing where that takes me. This is a remarkable new “adventure.” -Week 1

"For the Journey": God wants only this, then: that we experience infinite love being revealed within our finite experiences and our reception of that love in our lives.

Our relationship with God and with each other really is about ENCOUNTER. The reflection I listened to this morning on the USCCB website concerning the daily Scriptures focused us on the relationship of prayer Jesus had with God the Father and the resulting actions of the Holy Spirit. Jem Sullivan emphasized that we hear Jesus praying before each very significant action of the Holy Spirit through Jesus and his apostles in mission and ministry. I thought Jem would tell us Jesus' prayers brought the Holy Spirit in power. But, instead, she underscored the relationship Jesus' prayers brought about--a relationship of Love. He encountered the Father in Love before he was engaged by the Holy Spirit in power in his mission and ministry. Very powerful Love, indeed.

At the end of this week, I realize that God has always been in my life on good days and bad. I realize most gratefully that He has known me fully and completely when others have not. I realize that He was with me on the absolute worst day, standing as a strong contrast and a beacon to turn around and find my way back home. -Week 2

I am entering the third day “at home” after making a 3 day Ignatian Retreat. I am feeling, I’m sure to lesser extent, what the disciples felt immediately after Christ was crucified. I am fearful. Was it all a dream, an exercise in hypnosis, a dreamy interlude in the grind of life? Again, as Peter felt when on the mountain with the transfigured Christ, I don’t want to leave where I was just a few days ago. I want to “pitch a tent” and stay there. I know that at the base of this mountain there is turmoil, chaos, and myriad demonstrations of diabolical influence and power. I don’t want to go there but that is where the work is and I must “go where the work is.” I am wondering if following through on this “Retreat in Everyday Life” will give me strength, or am I turning to it as a drowning person clutching at a straw. I need to know that I am not alone. During the 3 days of my retreat, although we did not speak to one another (Silent Retreat) I knew I wasn’t alone. Now I feel alone and am frightened. Jesus, if it be your will, if I can do your work better, I ask that you give me reassurance that I am not alone. -Week 1

I am coming to the end of my second week and have dealt with the most painful times in my life. I have with the Grace of God, to have at last, been able to place them where they the past and move forwards. I have realized that I am a " loved sinner" and have accepted myself the way God has accepted me, in all my weaknesses and brokenness. God has forgiven me and given back my dignity and I have been able to forgive the people who have hurt me greatly and move on. -Week 2


This is my second week into the Iggy journey. I have yet to share with others in my church but hope that once I get the hang of it I can share it with my catechists, 5th graders and 7th graders.I have learned so much from these exercises that I get to a point where I want to teach it, but once I begin it doesn’t come out the way it should and then I know that I have more searching to do.As a teacher I want to give that grace of Awe when I receive the Eucharist. The Awe just gets deeper as I grow older and sometimes sounds a little complicated to others around me. I am confident that the Holy Spirit will help me teach bits of it as my journey progresses. I just have to remember not to get in His way when presenting His gifts.Jesus has shown me so much of his graces already and at time He even shows me the catch 22’s in my life and in the world today. I find myself just smiling at some of the question I once asked as a child and hearing them come out of the mouths of my students. The gift for me are the A-Ha moments, but find it difficult to share or teach them.Thank you so much for creating these exercise offering them free on-line to people like me who need them every day. -Week 2

Glory and Praise to our Lord! I completed the first week. Thank you very much to Creighton Online Ministries too for making this possible. It was sure tough, even to start the retreat. To look back and thank God for my past. My! What came to my mind was the complaints by Job,where he asked God why He gave him life. I felt the same as him. I did not have a happy childhood. I was given to my grandparents when I was six months old and life was not a garden of roses. I have always felt unloved and unwanted. But on reflection during the retreat I realized that He was there with me. He was leading me. I was interested to learn more about God and was baptized when I was 20 years old. A very loving and caring priest guided me spiritually. Without his guidance, I may be a negative person. I am full of gratitude to God for this. I thank Him also for the very good and self giving priest. My faith started growing slowly then and I am glad I always have Him to turn to. It's only that sometimes when everything is okay he is furthest from my mind. I am still trying to deepen my relationship with Him. The joy I felt during the retreat is that this priest who guided me 40 plus years ago is coming for a visit after so very many years and I am looking forward to my school reunion soon. I am so very happy to be able to see soon these wonderful people who were in my reflection during the retreat.Glory, Glory and Praise to our Lord! -Week 1

Dear Lord,

It’s always a mixed of memories as I look back at my life story. Trying to regress at the earliest stages of my life bring me various snap shots and sounds. The ledge of our “capiz” big windows are so wide it almost wraps the first floor of our house. When opened at night, I would sit on this ledge. It enables me to stare at the sky looking at the stars and imagining You looking down at me. In my mind I would hum this song which somehow stayed to date. I always sing this in silence whenever I felt fear. It goes…”Stay with us Lord, all through the day. Stay in our hearts, as we go our way. When the goings easy and burden’s light. Help us when all is dreary and the day is night. Stay with us Lord, help us through the day.” Must have remembered this song back in kindergarten. I’m not even sure if the lyrics are correct. But the melody and the words I remembered truly helped me overcome so many things.

There’s this road curve, an unlit part, before I reach my house. For an unknown reason it always gives me an eerie feeling when I pass that vent by myself. Morning time, my legs automatically walk faster while approaching this area. Night time, I would sprint till I reach our gate. In both times, I will be playing in my head, the “Stay with us Lord”. This made me reach my destination.

Childhood memories were filled with sickness, darkness, simplicity of life, but never hopelessness. At a young age, I somehow understand that even if so many things plagued our home, there was an unexplained bravery and courage in different forms. There’s the sheer determination of my mother. We somehow see past her everyday rants because we know how hard she works at home, in her school, for us. There’s the daily genuflecting of father to The Eye, a famous icon frame of You, Lord Jesus. Whatever condition he comes home, he never forgets to say his prayers. First thing he does upon entering our home is to look at Your face even before us. That’s when I know how important You are in our lives. There was only one goal in the house then, for all of us children to have the best education and finish our chosen courses. That was the only focus. When our eldest finished, it brought so much pride and joy to our parents but at the same time brought new responsibilities to my sister. She then needs to financially help the family for her siblings to reach each respective goals. Everything was a combination of hits and misses. Like any other family, we had our shares of the banging of doors, shouting matches, all the darkness within, and as the youngest, I coped using my source of comfort. The words of my childhood song.

As I reflect today, I know where my faith in you Jesus started. Even as a child, I felt Your presence in my life. The greatest fears, both unfounded and those that are real dangers, You were always with me. The characters, locations, scenarios and circumstance may have changed. But what has been permanent is You in my life. Today, I am still every now and then encountering figuratively the dreaded dark vent on the road of my childhood fears. As the bitter experiences, sickness, disorders, unfold slowly in my eyes I have no other comfort but You. As the evil spirits and the devil of darkness try to take away those I love most, I have no other one to ask for help but You. As we face nothingness and the empty promises we can only rely on Your provisions. There may be times I fear most of what’s happening. There may be moments I can only give a sigh of helplessness in witnessing daily tragedies of our lives. There may be instances my knees crumble in despair and desolation. To these I ask Your forgiveness. I ask understanding for allowing spaces in my life when my trust in You seems to be eroding.

Today, I am afraid of so many things. The worst is the darkness creeping our souls. The hopelessness to our situation. The gravity and senselessness of some actions. The increasing gap that seems to widen as days pass. Today, I am afraid, but somehow this music still reminds me that You are with me to help us through the day. Help and protect us everyday My Lord, My God, My Holy Spirit, My Father, My Jesus. Stay with us Lord.

Truly, I am grateful for having You in my life. With all the trials and storms in different forms in my life, I wouldn’t have made it this far without You. -Week 1

Today is my first day of the retreat. This was shared with me by an ex employer of mine. I have been going through a lot of stress and I know that the reason is that i have not put god first in my life. I am now ready to do that. I am strong and have a lot of hope and faith that I do this and I know that god has never forsaken me even through the very good times and now the very bad times. I know that the time is not right for for my change to come about but I can see a vast improvement in my life since I started this today. I feel so good when i have always feel down and I know that my Lord and Savior is with me and will continue to thank him and praise him for not forsaking me and being with me in all the good and bad things that are happening in my life. Lord Jesus I thank you for being there for me and for all the blessings that you have bestowed both good and bad and i accept them. In Jesus name Amen-Week 1

I have started the retreat and feel anxious and wonder if I’m doing it right… Psalms 10 spoke to me as I thought about myself as a child without a father. Still have such an empty space in my heart that I try to fill with other things food, coffee, people you name it … I want my Heavenly Father to fill this empty space. I think it goes back to not having that earthly dad so hoping and praying the retreat brings me closer to our Father which art in Heaven. Blessings to all doing the retreat. -Week 1

Just finishing week 2
How marvellous it is that an Aussie like me can share a retreat and Gods love with you in America and other places at the same time.
Week 1 was very distressing . So many blessings and so many stuff ups.Left me feeling empty,having achieved nothing that really matters in my life.
Week 2 led me to the place where the past does not matter. I might be restricted by the past but God is not. The formation and emergence continues. God can produce a new creation even at the age of seventy seven a new me can emerge which is not based on the past.I have much difficulty in seeing my value and significance in Gods life and plan.
I am ready for anything ,not knowing where the Retreat will take me. -Week 2

I received a prayer after the first week.
Chapter 1
A love letter to Jesus
In the Name of the Father, the Son and The Holy Spirit. I write to you who are my All in All. My Spirit soars when I am in your presence. You have known me since even before I was in my mother’s womb. You gave me my parents who did cherish me. You were there when I was lonely. I was shy but you always comforted me. You gave me my loving husband to share with in this world; one who understands me and cherishes every moment we are together. I look and see you in everyone. In doing so, we can return to Eden. Even though we are many, we are only one son and daughter. Disruption and fighting and chaos falls away and there is only Love because you are Love and everything else illusion, the illusion that we are separate. We are never separate from you. Oh, the joy in knowing that. We can live our life with new eyes and feel your embrace because we have returned to you. -Week 1

My Fellow Retreat Travelers,
I faithfully completed the Retreat last year with very good results. This Year I mistakenly expected that an entirely new retreat would popup as I clicked on Week One. I am hoping to experience the Retreat once more as part of my Celebration of Pope Francis' "Year of Mercy". It was my intention to review the instructions and enter into the right mindset on Sunday Evenings. I was doing exactly that tonight after watching Football.
As I sit at my Computer in the Kitchen, at this very moment 6:00pm or so Pacific Time, I hear my brand new, one and only grandchild, three-month-old Xavier crying loudly in the Living Room. I suddenly realize I have the opportunity to relive my own childhood through my experiences with Xavier. I get to see him every other Sunday or so when his Mom and Dad come over for dinner and to do laundry.
Reading the other sharings, I see an opportunity to pray for those who've asked for prayers. I will offer a day of prayer for you, my fellow pilgrims, tomorrow on the Feast of Saint Matthew.
Love of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Dixon, California -Week 1

I write this with missed feelings.I have tried hard to get a local retreat to no avail. Start looking on the internet and find this retreat. I feel I’m in the desert . I would love to share this retreat with someone in person .I have tried to encourage some of my friends however it isn't for them. So I ask all of you that are doing the retreat to keep me in your prayers and I will do the same for you. May the HOLY SPIRIT and The BLESSED Mother be with us all in our FAITH Journey.

In my first week, I have come to the understanding of God in the eternal and ever present moment. It is how He has forgiven my sins, which occur 2000 years after He gave His life for me. His sacrifice is eternal and encompasses me wherever I appear on the timeline of history. Let God be praised! -Week 1

Not very familiar with this computer sharing. Wonderful that Aussies and Americans and all over can share the presence of a saving God at the same time yet so far apart.
Just finished second week. First week became very depressing. At seventy seven much of the memories were about being given so many blessings and stuffing them up .
The second week however led me into forgetting the past. The God of love is continually forming us and a new creation can emerge even at seventy seven.The past is a barrier to me but not to God. I don’t know what will eventuate but it is kind of exciting to not know, yet be confident that God gives goodness , holiness and life no matter what age.
Looking forward to the rest of the Retreat. -Denis -Week 2

Today is my first day of the retreat. This was shared with me by an ex employer of mine. I have been going through a lot of stress and I know that the reason is that i have not put god first in my life. I am now ready to do that. I am strong and have a lot of hope and faith that I do this and I know that god has never forsaken me even through the very good times and now the very bad times. I know that the time is not right for for my change to come about but I can see a vast improvement in my life since I started this today. I feel so good when i have always feel down and I know that my Lord and Savior is with me and will continue to thank him and praise him for not forsaking me and being with me in all the good and bad things that are happening in my life. Lord Jesus I thank you for being there for me and for all the blessings that you have bestowed both good and bad and i accept them. In Jesus name Amen. -Week 1

Hi. I'm Neil. Shared this Online retreat with my late sister, Teresa, several years back.

What great graces flowed. Gave me the strength to help struggle with her through her three years

in a Nursing Home as she was slowly dying from cancer.

Started Week 1 this past Sunday. Wow !!! -Week 1

Starting online retreat using tools at this website. Praying for wisdom, guidance and clarity in my journey as an entrepreneur in Manila, Philippines. Every Fiipino deserves to be rich. Yes the Filipino Can. I as for wisdom to have the right mindset -Week 1

Today is my first day at the Exercises. I pray that God will help me
get the very most from them.

Linda Bedo






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