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Daily Reflections

Prayer Resources
Weekly Guide to Daily Prayer

Praying with Imagination

How to pray with Imagination
Ignatian Contemplations:

Jesus, my friend in Capernaum
Holy Saturday with the Mother of James & John
Contemplating with Joseph

The Assumption of Mary
The Healing of a Leper
Contemplating the Visitation with Zechariah
The Annunciation
The Baptism of Jesus
The Wedding Feast of Cana

The Call of Matthew
"Herod wants to kill you."
"Elizabeth Remembers"
Praying with Jesus in the womb
Peter remembers his call from Jesus
John and Mary remember the choosing of the 12

Resources for Grieving

"Seeking God When We Seem Lost in Grief" audio talk
Other Resources online for Grieving

Resources/Handouts for those in Grief and those supporting them
Helping Yourself Through Grief
Grieving During the Holidays
Avoiding the Cliches of Grief
Ways To Support Those Who Are Grieving
Care For The Caretaker
How to Help Those in Grief

Prayers for grieving:
Prayer For the Death of a Grandchild & A Faith Community Coping With Tradgedy
Mothers' Prayers- Prayers for and by Mothers
Fathers' Prayers- Prayers for Fathers and Husbands
Prayer: Preparing for Christmas after a loss & Prayer for Celebrating Christmas After the Loss of a Loved One

Practical Spirituality:

Finding Intimacy with God in everyday life
Prayer as Relationship
To Whom Do I Pray?
Using Ritual Every Day
Praying in Times of Crisis

Stations of the Cross
Spirituality Presentations
El Salvador Martyrs
Spirituality Links
Justice Links
Primary Documents
The Death Penalty

Praying with someone who has Alzheimer's Disease

My Mother's Suscipe: An Alzheimer's Story

How to Pray with Alzheimer's
Praying with My Mother
Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary for Alzheimer's Patients
Sharing Page
The Sacred Silence

Audio Retreats

Don Driscoll, S.J.
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Larry Gillick, S.J.
Lenten Retreat (2009)
Lenten Retreat (2007)
Lenten Retreat (2006)

Weekend Retreat (2009)
Weekend Retreat (2003)

Advent, 2013

Advent, 2012

Advent, 2005
Advent, 2006

Dennis Hamm, S J.
Weekend Retreat

Rob Kroll, S.J.
Weekend Retreat

Kevin Schneider, S.J.
Weekend Retreat

Tom Shanahan, S.J.
Weekend Retreat

Daniel Hendrickson, S.J.
Weekend Retreat

Kein Kersten, S.J.
Weekend Retreat

Jim Kubicki S.J.
Weekend Retreat


Online Reading Groups

Paul Coutinho, S.J.:
How Big is Your God?

Gary Smith:
Radical Compassion

Gary Smith:
They Come Back Singing

Jane Knuth:
Thrift Store Saints


Spirituality Presentations

Whispers From the Streets
- Damian Torres-Botello,nSJ and Jeremy M. Lillig

Eloquence in Jesuit Education
-Creighton Faculty

How Can Lent Help Us?
-Mariana Miller

"Pacem in Terris at 50: Catholics and Human Rights in the 21st Century"
-David Hollenbach, S.J. November 14, 2013

Historical Patterns in the American Immigration Debate
-Dr. Heather Fryer November 12, 2013

On the Camino in Lent
-Margaret Hoarty

“My Journey as Priest & Photographer”
Fr.Don Doll, S.J. October 10, 2012

Effective self-leadership in a complex world: practical insights from Ignatius of Loyola
- Chris Lowney, January 21, 2010

Ignatius, Jesus, and Aesop: A three part talk
-Larry Gillick, S.J. and Greg Carlson, S.J.

Lent: "Its about who we are"
-Dr. Robert Heaney, M.D.

A talk on Shame

-Larry Gillick, S.J.

2009 Commencement Address
-Greg Boyle, S.J.

"Amazing People"
Fr. Gary Smith, S.J.'s Presentation at Creighton

Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spirituality for the 21st Century
- Ron Modras, Professor of Theology, St. Louis University, March 21, 2006

"Finding God, with the Poor, in our Poverty: The Two Standards and Our Culture Today"
- Greg Boyle, S.J., 2002

"A Way of Hope for Our Times: The Two Standards and Our World Today"
- Peter Byrne, S.J. and Marilyn Kirvin-Quamme, 2001

How Big Is Your God?
-Paul Coutinho

"Seeking God When We Seem Lost in Grief"
-Mary Ann Vail

Magis Productions

Other Creighton Talks

Tim Russert's Commencement Address, 2006

Peter Henriot, S.J.- Why is Africa Important at this time?

Fr. Rick Curry, S.J.- Cardoner at Creighton

Seasonal Prayers
Praying Advent

Advent Site Index
Preparing for Advent
1st Week of Advent

2nd Week of Advent

3rd Week of Advent

4th Week of Advent
Guide to Daily Advent Prayer
Advent Daily Prayers, Home Page
Audio Retreat, 2005, Fr. Larry Gillick, S.J.
Audio Retreat, 2006, Fr. Larry Gillick, S.J.
The Two Parts of Advent
The Three Comings of Jesus
Advent Prayers
Preparing Children for Advent
Reconciliation and Healing
Learning Perseverance in Difficult Times
Praying for Peace with Elizabeth and Mary
Desiring Patient Fidelity  

Brief Audio Reflections for Advent

Advent Contemplations:
Contemplating With Joseph
Contemplating the Annunciation
Contemplating The Visitation

Permissions to Copy from this Site

Praying Christmas

Christmas Prayers
A Reflection on the Manger
Celebrating Christmas Alone
Letting Christmas Become a Season
How Holy Can My Family Be?

Praying with the Aftermath of Christmas

Praying Lent

Lent Site Index
Praying Lent - Daily Prayers for the 6 weeks of Lent
Parish Lenten Resources
Preparing for Lent
Lenten Audio Retreat by Dr. Robert Heaney, M.D. - "Its about who we are"
Choosing Lent - Acting Lent
The First Four Days
The First Week of Lent
The Second Week of Lent
The Third Week of Lent
The Fourth Week of Lent
The Fifth Week of Lent
The Midpoint of Lent
Praying the Gospels of Weeks 3, 4, 5
Understanding the Scrutinies
Online Stations of the Cross
Stations of the Cross with Mary
Looking at Marriage in Lent
Cooking Lent
Lenten Audio Conversations
Holy Week: The First Four Days
Holy Week: The Sacred Triduum
Preparing for Holy Thursday
Preparing for Good Friday
Preparing for Holy Saturday
Holy Saturday Contemplation

Celebrating Easter

Preparing for the Easter Vigil
The Easter Vigil Readings
The Easter Vigil Prayers
Easter Proclamation - the Exultet
The Blessing of Water
Renewing our Baptismal Promises
Celebrating Easter Week

The 34 Week Online Retreat for Busy People

Online Retreat Home Page
How Do I Get Started Making This Retreat?
FAQ's: How to Make This Retreat
Helps to Make This Retreat On Your Own.
Helps for a group making this retreat
Make the Retreat with the Liturgical Calendar
Audio Guides for the Online Retreat
Printed Guides for your PDA or Palm
Guides for Weeks 1-9
Guides for Weeks 10-18
Guides for Weeks 19-26
Guides for Weeks 27-34

Retiro "Online" (Online Retreat in Spanish)
Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross)
Russian: Духовные упражнении - (Online Retreat in Russian)
Online Retreat In Japanese

Online Retreat in Traditional and Simplified Chinese
Swedish: En onlineretätt via datorn-(Online Retreat in Swedish)
mafungo ya kiroho kupitia mtandao-(Online Retreat in Kiswahili)

Arabic: Online Retreat

Social Justice/Martyrs

El Salvador Martyrs
Death Penalty
Standing for the Unborn
Primary Documents: The Promotion of Justice

Jesuit Resources

Standing for the Unborn
2006 Wisconsin Province Days at Creighton
William Byron,S.J.'s Baccalaureate Homily, 2005
Jesuit Jubilee Celebration - Ron Modras, 2006

Characteristics of Ignatian Education

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