Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

December 23, 2010

Rachel Fisher

Freshman, Pre-Pharmacy

Mal 3:1-4, 23-24
Ps 25:4-5ab, 8-9, 10 and 14
Lk 1:57-66

The first reading today by Malachi speaks about how God will send a messenger to prepare the way before Him. This messenger is John the Baptist, who was to prepare us for the coming of Jesus. Just as John the Baptist was to prepare the way of the Lord, we are called to prepare for the coming of Jesus at Christmas. We must prepare ourselves in all we do so that God does not “come and strike the land with doom.” Today, it means to me that we mustn’t forget the true meaning of Christmas: the coming of Christ. We can’t get caught up with making humongous wish lists for presents. During this season of Advent (or at least the short bit that is left of it), we need to examine the way we live our lives and ask ourselves: Is this how I want to celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ? If we are living our lives in a Christly way, then we need not worry about this day of “doom” and fear or that we are not properly preparing ourselves. Our focus needs to be on opening ourselves up to God during this season, rather than on opening presents.

In the Gospel reading, Luke speaks of the naming ceremony for John the Baptist, born to Elizabeth and Zechariah. Previously, Zechariah believed it not to be possible for Elizabeth to be gifted with pregnancy due to her age, doubting God’s power for such a miracle; he was muted for such disbelief. But as Elizabeth was trying to name the baby John, a name not part of the family, Zechariah agreed (to everyone’s disbelief). As Zechariah allowed God to work through him, God was pleased and granted Zechariah the ability to speak again. We all need to do what Zechariah did and allow God to work through us.

As we reflect on the coming birth of Jesus, may we each be prophets of the Word of God both by mouth and action. May each of us allow God to work in our lives and listen to His call. May we become messengers and prophets to those around us. As this Advent season draws to a close, may we not forget the purpose of the Christmas season.

I wish you all a merry and blessed Christmas!

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