Joel Fuchs

Senior, Biology Major


Joel Fuchs
More About Me:

I was born and raised in small-town Nebraska and love everything about nature and being outdoors. Running and cycling are my favorite hobbies; they never disappoint when it comes to alone time. I'm so blessed to have such a great family and group of friends. A day without them would hardly be a day at all. Being around people is definitely my niche, and having humorous/random times is where I thrive in life. My future goals involve medical school and working towards a greater understanding of the human condition, and at this point in my life, I've realized how excited I am to be open for the unknown future.

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . .is a chance to spend more time with the Bible and share with others my insights on how I view Scripture in my life, hopefully engaging with and learning from others' reflections as well.

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