Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

March 7, 2012

Julie Thomson

Senior, Marketing, Finance and Bioscience Entrepreneurship Majors

Jer 18:18-20
Ps 31:5-6, 14, 15-16
Mt 20:17-28

During this season it is often easy to fall into certain behaviors, actions, or temptations that we may be trying to run from. These inconsistencies in our behavior can lead to ridicule, both from ourselves or from others, due to the conflicting roles we sometimes assume. It is easy to feel burdened by our surrounding environment which at times seems to feel as if it is working against us; however, through trust in the Lord, we will be sustained and protected against all things that we may encounter.

In other instances, it is just as simple to fall into a temporary state of entitlement. After day to day success in worshiping, praying, or fulfilling our Lenten commitments, we may begin to feel closer to God. This closeness, however, may be so great that we believe we have earned a spot at the right hand of Jesus. It is in our moments of fulfilling our Lenten commitments that we should not become proud, but rather, humbled servants continuing to serve God and those around us.

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