Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

April 24, 2012

Christine Prissel

Sophomore, Environmental Science Major

Acts 7:51-8:1a
Ps 31:3cd-4, 6 and 7b and 8a, 17 and 21ab
Jn 6:30-35


Seeds are truly amazing. To think something the size of one’s thumb can grow into a large tree, taller than one’s house, is incredible. The most amazing thing about seeds is that they can produce life when everything else is dead; even when the very plant itself, the source of the seed, is dead, the seed can still give life to something beautiful and majestic.
For most plants, seeds drop or open once the plant is mature. However, for some of the most majestic and beautiful pine trees, the cone, which hides the seeds of the pine, remains closed until the cone experiences an immense amount of heat. The cone only experiences this immense amount of heat when a forest fire occurs. Most people, including myself, associate fire with destruction and devastation. A fire can, and often does, bring destruction and devastation, but a fire can also bring new life. The growth of a new pine tree is the result of a fire. Everything engulfed by the fire is usually destroyed…but not these seeds.  These pine seeds are only able to grow once a fire has passed through.
Just like with the pine seeds, sometimes the most majestic and beautiful growth within ourselves comes when everything else has been destroyed. When everything seems lost, and there is no hope or joy to be found, we find the most beautiful growth can occur. 

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