Daily Reflection

From a Creighton Student's Perspective

December 3, 2011

Mary Clare Lally

Sophomore, Business and Theology Double Major

“Without cost you have received; without cost you are to give." -Matthew 10:8

Advent has begun. The wreaths are out and the candles lit. We await the coming of Jesus Christ. God, Most High became one of us. With love, he lived a simple life and shed his blood so that we might have eternal life. The greatest Christmas gift one could ever ask for is the coming of the Prince of Peace.

Ironically, this season is far from peaceful. This season is notoriously a stressful one. People on campus become more stressed and less friendly as we count down the days until final exams begin. Caught up in the stress of studying, the excitement of packing up to go home for the holidays, and the craze of Christmas shopping, we often forget that this is Advent, that we are waiting, preparing the way of the Lord.

We must not forget that we have already been granted salvation. We must not forget the mission we have to spread the Good News through our words and actions. In today's Gospel, Jesus bestows upon his disciples the ability to drive demons out of people. It is our duty to use our gifts and talents to spread the Good News in whatever way God has granted us. It is our duty to use both our words and our actions to show we are truly partaking in the Covenant of the New Testament, that we truly believe Jesus gave himself to save us.

We must do so willingly, holding nothing back, expecting nothing in return. In this season of receiving things, this season where we live in a bubble of studying for final exams and making plans for Christmas break, it is important not to lose sight of our duty to give willingly. We must be just as willing to give our time to a friend who might need someone or a classmate who might need help studying. If Jesus had held back, we would not have been saved. We must be like him, giving, holding nothing back and expecting nothing in return.

Without cost, we received salvation. Without cost, we are to give of ourselves for the greater glory of God.

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