Daniel Mistrot

More About Me:

I am from Raleigh, North Carolina and went to college at the University of Dallas, a small Catholic liberal arts college in (you guessed it) Dallas, Texas. I graduated with a BA in History and still somehow managed to find myself in medical school. I played rugby for all four years of college and I love swimming more than just about any other physical activity on earth (rock climbing takes a close second). I like reading when I get the chance, especially anything written by the early Church Fathers. Currently I am the president of the Catholic Medical Student Association here at Creighton and am just trying to survive these next few years of med school!

3rd Year Med Student

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . .gives me the chance to step back from the busy world that we all live in these days and to simply and humbly reflect on what God is trying to tell me each day through Scripture.

Email Me: DanielMistrot@creighton.edu