Haley Warren

More About Me:

I am from Portland, OR and while I love Omaha, I miss the rain and trees while I'm at school. I have a really close family which includes my mom, dad, older sister, and younger brother. I am very passionate about my faith, and am a convert to Catholicism. This September I will have been Catholic for 2 years! I find joy in fighting for Justice, writing and playing music, and being in the presence of those I love!

Sophomore Justice & Society and Math Major

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . . will help me to more deeply pray about what scripture means to me and how I can apply it to my everyday life. I hope that by sharing I will be able to give a deeper part of my soul to others-something I really enjoy doing through music. Some may argue a picture is worth a thousand words, but for me words are more important than pictures. I hope to be able to affect people's lives in a positive way through my reflections

Email Me: HaleyWarren@creighton.edu