Hunter Allen

More About Me:

I'm back for my third year here at Creighton, and I could not be any happier. I had the honor of being a member of Cortina, a sophomore living-learning community centered around finding God in all people, places, and things. I also have the privilege of being an executive for the Freshman Leadership Program, a teacher's assistant for the math department, and an active member of Campus Ministry. This year is all about growth: academically, spiritually, emotionally. I ask for your prayers as I continue to seek God while making connections with those whom I am blessed to share this world. It will be a year of challenge, but with faith alone, I am eager and willing to explore some of the most beautiful aspects of this world.

Junior, Accounting Major, Pre-Med

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . .is a living grace. Not only do I benefit from the time of retreat that I use to delve into Scripture and interpret God on a personal level, but I am also overjoyed with knowing that God's Word, love, and grace are being spread. It is such a joy to see God's love prevail in a world of troubles; something about hearing God from the perspective of each other makes God appear more personable and full of life.

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