Mary Clare Lally

More About Me:

I love music, yoga, late night life chats, running long distances, and the smell of the air in the morning. Creighton University is on my list of loves as well. I have learned that taking a risk can be the healthiest growing experience of one's life. I took a risk coming to Creighton, a small Jesuit school in Omaha where I did not know a soul. I am involved with a sorority, CU STARs, the Anna Tyler-Waite Leadership Program, and service trips here on campus. Last summer I was asked to write and lead a retreat for my youth group in Saint Louis and it ended up being one of my most significant experiences.

Junior, Accounting and Theology Double Major

Writing These Reflections. . .

My faith has always been a priority.  So often at school, it is easy to get caught up in the daily grind, forgetting to take time out for God or to sit and reflect. I began to write these reflections because they gave me the opportunity to sit down and take some time out for God each month. I like to be busy, and therefore struggle to make time to read Scripture. Writing for the Student Daily Reflections provides me with an opportunity to read scripture as well.

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