Megan Lightfoot

More About Me:

I am from Shenandoah, Iowa and my family consists of my parents, my older sister, and myself. I also have two horses, one dog, and one cat at home on the farm. I love spending time outside in the beautiful nature that God created.  I also love running, playing sports, reading, praying, and talking with friends.  I am a first year pharmacy student and currently work at Mercy Hospital as a Pharmacy Intern.  I have been a camp counselor and love working with kids.  Most importantly I love the Catholic faith whether it is going to Mass, spending time in Adoration, reading scripture, praying the rosary, or just recognizing God in each and every day.

1st Year Pharmacy Student

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . . is a great way to allow myself to read more into scripture and determine what my heart is telling me. I am excited to reflect on the readings and spend more time praying with God. It is important for me to spend more time listening to God, because I often find myself doing most of the talking.  Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit I hope my reflections and prayers will touch lives.

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