Rachel Fisher

More About Me:

I am from Rochester, Minnesota, where I live with my parents, three siblings, and one dog. As much as I love Minnesota, I know that there is so much more out there in this wonderful world to experience, which is why I am studying abroad for the entire academic year in Spain!!! I love to travel, so I am hoping to visit LOTS of cities and sites throughout Spain and Europe (and even parts of Africa), whilst learning to become more independent and learning more about myself, through God's help. In addition to traveling, I really enjoy spending time with my family, baking, photography, being outdoors, hiking, biking, and walking my dog! 

Junior, Biology and Spanish Double Major

Writing These Reflections. . .

. . .allows me additional time with God and the Scripture as I try to figure out how the readings relate to my life and the world around me. I have enjoyed how reflecting on the readings for the day helps me to learn more about myself. I also enjoy reading and reflecting on passages that I wouldn't regularly come across (as in simply Sunday passages).

Email Me: RachelFisher@creighton.edu