Lydia Reinig
Lecturer, Communication Studies
More about me:

My story as of recently coalesces around “leaving” and “returning” from/to places.  I graduated from Creighton with a BA in Communication Studies not too many years ago, going on to earn my MA in Communication Studies from Colorado State University.  In the pursuit of my education I left the small town for the city, the Grain Plains for the Rocky Mountains, and then somewhat reversed my trajectory, coming back to Creighton to teach.  As life moves me forward, it is rather fun to be teaching the fundamentals of effective professional presentations and communication theories in the same classrooms where I once sat as the student.

Writing these reflections:

I was part of the inaugural collective of writers for Student Daily Reflections during my undergraduate, so I am also “returning” to Creighton’s Online Daily Reflections.  Writing reflections was and is always an adventure in finding God and having faith-filled, meaningful conversations.  To me, the true grace of this ministry is realizing that the reflection itself is incomplete.  I hope my brief thoughts might inspire the hearts of people—people I will never meet in places I that have never been—to extend what spoke to me in the day’s readings into their own lives and keep their own faith-filled conversations going.

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