I remove my masks today
I remove my masks today and I reveal my genuine self

I have appeared safely incognito before others--in many safe disguises.  And I now see the danger in this, the risk that I will become disguised to myself, that I will camouflage myself with thin, pleasant smiles and superficial chatter.  In doing this, I counterfeit my life, disguised both to others and to myself.

I remove my masks today, for the masquerade saps me, consumes my energy, keeps me tense, guarded and apprehensive.  I take a deep breath and take the plunge.  I can be me, the real me, spontaneous without disguise, intimate without masks.

I accept who I am: not a fixed, rigid, cardboard entity, but a person of many moods and emotions, a person of will and talent and energy, a person of integrity and flexibility.

I can be myself today, freely, authentically and without pretense.

Lerner, Rokelle Daily Affirmations, (Health Communications, Inc 1985) July 30 entry