The Wired World of Ministry
September, 2000
John Scarano
Crossroads Writer

The two websites for your perusing pleasure are: the “cybermonk’s” own web site- and a website from the pastoral staff of Creighton University .

The first is truly all-encompassing; it’s usually the first site I go to when I have a particular topic to look up. I am generally pleased with the fact that the links provided by Brother John are inclusive of theology from the right and from the left. This site will take you from EWTN to the writings of Richard McBrien. It provides a plethora of information from both perspectives and everything in between. It’s truly a “five star” site, worthy of a bookmark.

The Creighton site brings a unique concept in campus ministry. The pastoral staff has developed a thirty-four week on-line retreat. They call it an “e-treat.” There was a great review of the program written in the May 12 “Retreat Supplement” pullout of the National Catholic Reporter. I’m tempted to steal the whole thing and try it for myself (another wonderful thing about the Internet-download ability- probably not even a word yet). Obviously someone else needs to write about Internet ethics.