Cyberspace a Resource for Spiritual Life
Winter, 2001

Is God’s presence felt in cyberspace? In view of all the bad press the Internet has had, it seems incredible that it should be a bountiful source of spiritual resources, but it is. In fact, it could be the Spirit’s unifying force and tool in the conversion of the world.

Do you find reflections on the daily Scripture passages helpful? If your God concept is a down-to-earth one or an up-to-God one, the Jesuit reflection website at Creighton University may be for you. It is simply called Reflections.

Daily you can share the reflections of one of their many staff members with the hundreds of thousands who pray there and see how that Scripture passage relates to every aspect of daily life. There are mothers, fathers, priests, seminarians, all of whose reflections provide a bountiful spiritual meal.

It is so broadening. The passages come alive, as they must have in Jesus’ time to the variety of people to whom He spoke. You can even should you wish, e-mail the reflector, see his/her photo or read the author’s background.

On-line Retreats

If you would like a retreat, this too is available. If you are planning a special liturgy and need to prepare the Sunday’s readings in depth, the Preparing for Sunday section on Creighton’s Reflections site may be for you, or you may wish to prepare yourself for a more meaningful liturgy.