Zechariah Praises the Lord
The Holy Spirit came upon Zechariah, and he began to speak: 

Praise the Lord, 
       the God of Israel!  
He has come 
       to save his people. 
Our God has given us 
       a mighty Savior 
from the family 
       of David his servant. 
Long ago the Lord promised 
by the words 
       of his holy prophets 
to save us from our enemies 
and from everyone  
       who hates us. 
God said he would be kind 
to our people and keep 
       his sacred promise. 
He told our ancestor Abraham 
that he would rescue us 
       from our enemies. 
Then we could serve him 
       without fear, 
by being holy and good 
       as long as we live. 

You, my son, will be called 
a prophet of God 
       in heaven above. 
You will go ahead of the Lord 
to get everything ready 
       for him. 
You will tell his people 
       that they can be saved 
when their sins 
       are forgiven. 
God's love and kindness 
       will shine upon us 
like the sun that rises 
       in the sky. 
On us who live 
in the dark shadow 
       of death 
this light will shine 
to guide us 
       into a life of peace. 

                                              Luke 1:67-79 

Contemporary English Version The Holy Bible (New York , NY: American Bible Society 1995)