"You are my God, my life is in your hands."


Shelter me, Lord,
save me from shame.
Let there be justice:
save me!

Help me! Listen!
Be quick to the rescue!
Be my fortress, my refuge.

You, my rock and fortress,
prove your good name.
Guide me, lead me,
free me from their trap.

You are my shelter;
I put myself in your hands,
knowing you will save me,
Lord God of truth.

You hate the slaves of idols,
but I trust in you.
I dance for joy at your constant love.

You saw me suffer,
you know my pain.
You let no enemy cage me,
but set my feet on open ground.

Pity me, Lord,
I hurt all over;
my eyes are swollen,
my heart and body ache.

Grief consumes my life,
sighs fill my days;
guilt saps my strength,
my bones dissolve.

Enemies mock me,
make me the butt of jokes.
Neighbors scorn me,
strangers avoid me.
Forgotten like the dead,
I am a shattered jar.

I hear the crowd whisper,
"Attack on every side!"
as they scheme to take my life.

But I trust in you, Lord.
I say, "You are my God,
my life is in your hands."
Snatch me from the enemy,
ruthless in their chase.

Look on me with love,
save your servant.
I call on you;
save me from shame!

Shame the guilty,
silence them with the grave.
Silence the lips that lie,
that scorn the just.

How rich your goodness
to those who revere you!
The whole world can see:
whoever seeks your help
finds how lavish you are.

You are shelter from gossips,
a place to hide from busy tongues.
Blessed be the Lord!
God's love encircles me
like a protecting wall.

I said too quickly,
"God has cut me off!"
But you heard my cry
when I prayed for help.

Love the Lord, all faithful people,
the Lord your guardian,
who fully repays the proud.
Be strong, be brave,
all who wait for God.

                                                                                         Psalm  31

Contemporary English Version The Holy Bible (New York , NY: American Bible Society 1995)