Shirley Scritchfield
Office of Excellence in Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Previously, Associate Professor of Sociology
Came to the the University in 1982. 

More about me:

I am married to Tom Kodera, Director of Music Ministry at St. John's, and the mother of a wonderful -- and sometimes maddening -- teenage son, Jon.  And, despite all my academic training and years of teaching, being Jon's mother is one of my greatest learning experiences. 

I  am active in issues of social responsibility and justice.  I believe quite strongly that we are called by God to work for justice and equity for all.  I personally have focused most explicitly on issues relating to gender inequities and dilemmas.  I have spent most of my adult life -- both in and out of work -- working to diminish gender discrimination and inequality. 

Writing these reflections:

I am told that my reflections are unconventional ... that I take risks others aren't comfortable taking.  Maybe ... but it doesn't feel risky to me. 

To me, doing these reflections is both gift and challenge.  When I sit down to write a reflection, I try to open myself to the movement of the Spirit, prayerfully asking to become a conduit for the word of God.  Often, I am surprised by what I am lead to share or to ask -- sometimes, there is discomfort.  But, always, there is a sense of having been in God's presence ... no small gift in a life often consumed by work and commitments to others. 

I am always humbled -- and sometimes amazed -- when I hear from others about something I wrote.  It reminds me once again of our interconnectedness as sojourners in God's world. 

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